Better dividend structure managment

Coming from someone with a high portfolio of dividends getting my payment and not recieving a notification of which one ive recieved withing a certain period is not acceptable. Makes it much harder to keep track off


agreed, the notification thing is too random


I have no dividends through yet as I’m pretty new here.

Can you explain what notifications you do get and whats unclear about it? Please.

A notification with the details of the divident recieved. Handy when youve got 8 or 9 diffrent ones getting paid in a short time

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So you cant see in your account details of the dividend and who it is from?

No. I have requested it and just got sent it

So you don’t see this when you filter dividends in your activity?

I do but always 12 24 hours behind the money going into account

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Freetrade always send an email to you with all the details of the dividend when they process the dividend, if you are not getting this email I would advise that you speak to the team

Also if you click on the entry it gives you all the details of the dividend (I use an iPhone not sure if it is different for android),


Thanks for clarifying how dividends are paid on FT. It sounds reassuringly more organised than I gathered from the OP.

It is possible I think to stop receiving emails if you opted out of email communication.

It’s also possible to not get any phone notifications if your disabled notifications.

You’d still get the info in the activity fees as mentioned

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Not in activity feed

I don’t think I want any more regarding dividend structure.

Today, I was paid a dividend and 1) I received a push notification on my phone, 2) I received an email and 3) I can see the dividend paid in my activity feed.

Any more would be overkill to me.


Im not after something new . Im after what we have to work better

Reading between the very blurry lines, are you saying you want the dividend and the notifications at the same time? Not cash, then confusion, then late notifications?

Rather than anything different about the notifications themselves?

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For what it’s worth, I don’t get any dividend notifications whatsoever from HL and sometimes, dividends are paid late.

I get an email from AJBell but this doesn’t always arrive at the same time as the payment into the account.

Perhaps it’s just something to expect, that there will likely be delays/mismatch in timings.

It must be a nightmare to manage so many trades and dividends every day!

I think you need to think of it like Christmas time.

You have to forgive Santa for not putting name tags on everything, but he’s kinda busy with all them deliveries :rofl:


Completely agree with you @weenie , the communication when dividends received is excellent. In my opinion it cannot be improved. As you said there’s push notifications, emails, and in app activity tabs.

Freetrade could improve on their communication as to why some dividends are received on the day whereas some are delayed. For example, I am waiting a few days for Shell now, yesterday was VJPN and VWRL, today is BHP. I am waiting on them all and often in this scenario they all come through at the same time.

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I was just thinking about this, I’m wondering if shell are late sending them to freetrade.

There are nearly 4 billion shell shares out there. Paying that many dividends must be a massive job. I suspect it’s done in batches. Wouldn’t surprise me if smaller brokers get them last


If you think about how many companies are paying dividends and how some of them are late, then this would be an impossible task for any broker.

I too was due divis from VWRL yesterday but HL haven’t paid it either so it’s probably just a delay with Vanguard - I don’t expect HL to tell me the reason why it’s late, not when I know I will get it in the end.

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