Investment income emails stopped

Hi all,

Is it me or have the investment income emails stopped coming through?

The last email I received came through on 11 April. I’ve been notified on the app for any dividends paid after this date, but the emails with the full breakdowns have stopped coming through.

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I got one yesterday for MNG, for a while they were all going into spam so check that folder. I setup a rule to automatically move them to a different freetrade folder so I can process them in batches when I have time. It also keeps them out of spam.

I have stopped receiving the emails as well.
No income received or interest payment emails. I can confirm these emails are not in my junk mail folder.

I have raised the issue in the in-app chat a week ago but have yet to recieve a response.

Literally just got the interest one ~ 5 minutes ago. So they are still going out for some people.

Hi all, I got a reply back from the app to say they’re having issues with Hotmail addresses. The solution is to change the email address you have for them apparently.

I wonder how long this issue will go on for and if there’s another solution for those who don’t have/ what to set up another email address just for Freetrade notifications?

How the hell can you have issues with someone’s email address?
I have a Hotmail account and have only (if ever) received the odd email. I assumed you didn’t get emails just in app notifications.
I assume I am set up for receiving emails in reference to dividends.
I can’t be bothered checking as the in app does me.

I use to get all dividend notifications via email before 11 April, then they suddenly all stopped. Whatever the problem is, it’s fairly recent.

The emails were helpful with some additional info (at least for OS dividends) that the app doesn’t offer.

Plus it helps with keeping track of when the dividend payment was paid (or when I’ve been notified of the payment) - as there’s a long standing debate with delayed dividend payments

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Not issues with the email address issues with the spam filter on certain email servers I would guess. I know a lot of the emails were getting sent to spam on my account before I setup the rule to organise them into their own folder.

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Hi all

We’re investigating this as we’ve noticed odd behaviours with the tool that we use. Emails are showing as sent but are not being received etc.

I’ll keep everyone updated when we have more!



For info - I appear to be receiving emails for each of the dividends that are showing in the app activity tab

I’m not.
Are you using a Hotmail account?

Ok using my gmail account

I’m Hotmail. No emails received since 11th April notifying of investment income, or this month’s interest payment (normally 16th?) - none in junk either. Seem to be getting all the other recent email comms without any issues, including T+1, Telecoms Collection and the leadership changes.

Not great, but will wait for the fix to be applied rather than change email account.

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Just an update on this, the In chat support mentioned there’s been an update which now allows emails to be sent to my (Hotmail) address.

Coincidentally, I had a dividend payout Monday 20 May, and received the notification email just fine.

I’m waiting to hear back from them to see whether missed emails between 11 April and 20 May can be resent.