Mysterious small amount of cash appears in my account

Two days ago a small amount of money appeared in my account. Anyone else had something like this happen to them at any time?

There were no pop-up notification messages from "Alex, “Robin” or even “Jess”, nor were there anything listed in the Activity log that can shed any light on this. I checked the Activity feed all the way back to the beginning of April - zilch. No “You’ve received Investment income” email either. The amount does not match any dividends due and the only dividends that are outstanding are from Golden Ocean and Microsoft which are due any time between today and tomorrow with vastly different amounts due.

In general Freetrate are not great in terms of reporting and documentation but this really has me baffled as there is nothing referencing this extra money.

Feel free to speculate as to what this could be while I wait for support to reply back within two working days.

Did you have any buy orders (or queued basic orders) that executed around that date? If so, could it have been a leftover amount after the order completed being moved back into the balance?

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Possibly a share dividend or an interest payment on any cash balance left in your account.

Best of luck finding out what it is.


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Dividends are often paid before the notification is sent out or shows in the activity feed. 90% sure it will turn out to be this.


I’ve had this a lot. It’s always been dividends appearing before the notification


The amount is only 19 pence but it really annoys me in the back of my head.

I really go overboard with tracking each and every transaction to the point of being wasting my time doing every thing 5 times over. Online I record every transaction using both Yahoo portfolio as well as Google portfolio. On my computer I use an application called portfolio performance (look it up at Portfolio Performance ) which accounts for every penny you use for deposits, withdrawals and trades. Then I also use a spreadsheet tracker to track all transactions and dividends etc.

To be honest Its actually really stupid and borderline counter-productive on how many different “platforms” I track and record every_single_transaction, but the point is every thing matches and for the past two days I have this small amount that is unaccounted for. (What can I say; I was bored during the 'rona lockdown so messed around with a lot of spreadsheets and stuff…)

I am not a plus member so I can only do instant orders and like I said, everything matches up. My last transaction I bought some TSCM with all the remaining cash I had and after that transaction was completed I had 2 pence left in my account. The next day this additional 19 pence appeared showing that I now have as Total Cash £0.21 available.

I frequently get dividend payments a bit before the notifications and emails appears but this is now going on for 2 days. Besides, I am well aware of every dividend due, the exact amount and due date (Thanks to the UK dividenddata and the US dividendmax websites as well as all the other outlets this type of data are available on and after all this, this 19 pence is still unaccounted for

My last dividend payment was on Monday from Quilter and the only other outstanding payments are from Golden Ocean due date yesterday and and Microsoft with a due date of today.

Do you own BHP?

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Hi Andy, At first I though BHP had an impact because sadly I only had 4 shares in them on the Freetrade platform so not quite 5.534 BHP, per one Woodside share. I am therefore due a payment for the fractional value of the Woodside share and this amount will be a lot more than just 19 pence. I think at least between 13 - 14 Pound.

Besides that will only happen towards end August as per their notification “The Proceeds from the sale are expected to be received towards end of August 2022 (within 12 weeks of completion of the Merger).”

Attached is a screenshot of the email I have from BHP investor relations to point out when the cash equivalent might be due…

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ALL financial activity should be in the activity feed (it isnt, which is poor after FT has been operating for as long as it has).

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Francis from the Freetrade team assisted and solved the mystery! :sunglasses:

This deposit was the cash value of the remainder of a fraction of a share after the Investec/Ninety One demerger where you would receive 0.13751 Ninety One Shares for each Investec share you have. So after I received a few whole Ninety One shares there was a remaining 0.08787 of a share left and that was worth 19p.

All is good now!


All is right with the world now that @JJD809 ’s 16 spreadsheets and 7 websites are all in equilibrium!


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