Dividend payment not added to account balance

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So I got an email on Friday 17th to say I have received my first dividend payment in my account. I went to check my account and it is showing in the activity feed but it’s not showing up in my total cash amount. Is this normal? Does the money take time to show up in my total cash amount? ]


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Chances are that it’s already been included in your total cash amount, at least, that is what I find, in that the monies are added to my cash amount before I receive the email notification that a dividend has been paid.


That was what I was expecting to see but my balance hasn’t changed at all to reflect the dividend payments. I can see them in the activity feed but otherwise there’s no other evidence of them being added to my account.

Does anybody know why all my dividend payment that I reinvest do not show on my overall portfolio balance, I’ve totalled up all my transactions from my bank and they equal my portfolio balance, thanks in advance.

Did you ever get to the bottom of this as I don’t understand it, I’ve totalled up all my bank transfers and they total my portfolio balance exactly, so how can my dividend payments be added to my balance. Surely the dividends I’ve received and reinvested would also make part of my balance.

Should be a tab really that shows how much dividents that have been paid in total or a certain month week

Without knowing every buy/sell, the exchange rates etc it’s impossible to know what has or hasn’t happened

Ok so if I had £500 of dividends last year would that reflect in my portfolio balance? My portfolio balance adds up to exactly the same amount as the amount I have paid in through my bank. Surely it would be £500 more through the dividends I received or am I missing something here. I only buy LSE stock so no exchange rate.

It depends, have you invested that £500?

Is your portfolio up or down?

I invested in more shares of various stocks, i’m currently down. so I add my balance and how much I’m down together and that’s the same figure as what I’ve paid in through my bank account. To the penny.

the amount up or down is literally showing the difference between your balance and what you’ve put in.
If you are down it must mean the share price has dropped more that the amount received in dividends. Check the share price when you first bought and what it is now.

My account is up, but if I subtract the “amount up” from my balance that equals what I have put in. I’ve had a few grands worth of dividends over the past three years and that’s a large part of why I’m up.

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Ok I’m still not sure I get this, I had BT dividend yesterday which didn’t increase my balance, so I decided to withdraw a small part of it and it’s decreased my balance?? Surely not is not correct when it didn’t increase it in the first place.

Hi Dave, I think I’ve finally figured it out now, got there in the end.

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Did you figure it out because I think I have the same issue. I receive a notification to say I have received a dividend payment but it does not reflect in the portfolio balance

Yes I have the same problem. Divident do not increase my balance. I really don’t understand. Could someone explain?

Any issues of this nature should be sent via in-app chat or money@freetrade.io - they have access to our account and can advise

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@Kamil @tghenley please also read @Dave’s answer. You cannot determine whether your dividend was credited by simply looking at your balance. Remember your assets are changing in value. Look at your cash situation.

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The thing is my portfolio value is exactly + or - what I have deposited. If I have received my divident shouldn’t there be a difference?

You are not making a case for you not receiving your dividend. Look at the changes in your cash balance not your portfolio balance (in your portfolio balance your dividend gain could be wiped out by a share loss).

If you have shares of any kind and they have not in aggregate moved (+ or -) that itself would be strange no? It could be an interesting coincidence that your gains and losses balance out. It is best that you have the discussion directly with money@freetrade.io.

That is exacly what is happening to me and a few who posted earlier. My gains and loses balance out. I’ll messege FreeTrade thank you