Dividend payment reinvestment and portfolio balance [Duplicate marked for merging]

Does anybody know why all my dividend payment that I reinvest do not show on my overall portfolio balance, I’ve totalled up all my transactions from my bank and they equal my portfolio balance, thanks in advance.

Are you talking about balance in an ISA or GIA?

Hi I’m talking about my GIA I’ve always reinvested dividends but they don’t show up on my overall portfolio balance

If you’ve reinvested the dividends the buys should show in your activity feed. and you should see it in the number of shares?

The overall balance will depend on the number of shares you have and the share price

Yes I get the buy showing in my activity but surely it also should reflect in my overall portfolio balance, but it doesn’t. Maybe I’m missing something here as I’ve only been investing since May, but like I’ve said I’ve totalled up all my bank transfers and how much I’m up at the moment and that equals how much I’ve transferred from my bank account.

Think the amount you are up by is just what it’s worth now - what you’ve put in.

The dividends will be included in the value of the shares if you reinvested them

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