Dividend payments missing (though listed in activity feed)

Afternoon all,

I’m not entirely sure if I am just being stupid here but the numbers don’t seem to add up.

Deposited cash + Dividend income (including 3 free shares) should equal current portfolio balance +/- difference?

However this isn’t the case with my numbers

I’ve deposited 8595
I’ve received 38.31 of dividend payments and free shares (sold as soon as received)

my current portfolio value is 8495.68
and I’m currently 99.1 down

8595 +38.31 = 8633.31
8495.68 +99.1 = 8594.78 Which is just my deposited money - so where is the dividend and free share money???


Just so you dont think its just yourself, i am also missing Dividend payments in my available balance, despite showing in my Activity Tab

Me too!

I’m still waiting for this one

There needs to be a filter or something in brackets next to your balance to indicate the dividend payments.

Hi Greg,
Yes, there needs to be something in place, i appreciate things can take time to come through, but its somewhat alarming to be notified you have Dividend payments when actually theres no trace of them in your account. Again, this is all ’ at the time of writing this’ theres diddly-squat dividend payment, shows in my Activity Tab as 14th May, its now 18th (almost 19th), i am sure its just a delayed payment so hopefully all will end well.
Btw, people say get in touch with Freetrade via their live chat, where is that!? I have done the contact us, this gives nothing but tabs to choose from which then leads to sending them an e-mail, am i missing something here? I know it says they use Intercom, is that it? Its a paid App? How do you speak with another Human Being please at Freetrade??

There needs to be something like a bank statement to show you a running balance with deposits/withdrawals etc, rather than having to trawl through literally hundreds of transactions!


The first dividend I was notified of was the 28th of April, this has gone beyond just being a delay for me now… I am hoping that someone get back to me soon, its a shame that I cant phone/ live chat with someone about this

I too am confused on the dividend payments, as a new user I was all excited about £2 ish income (I know that’s sad) only to find i had not actually been credited.
I did read somewhere that they take a couple of days, if this is right then why put them in the activity?