Question please

Can anyone please confirm. Does this figure include all my dividends being received as plus numbers and taking away some of my losses?
Or would this figure be without the dividends received?

Sorry if dumb question just trying to get my head around the app a bit.

Yes it does include dividends, before I made any withdrawals I could see that it was exactly equal to the difference between what I’d put in and the current value. So it included both investment gains and dividends.

It’s a bit less obvious if you’ve made withdrawals as the gain are still shown. for example I’ve completely emptied My GIA and put it all in the ISA, but my GIA currently shows £0 value and up by £4731!

Thank you that’s really helpful. I will need to take my withdrawals off it as well then :frowning: bit more loss to account for ha.
Oh well, only 20months in…I’m giving it 5years to see where it is before I start to panick ha.

Cheers for answering.

What I mean with the withdrawals is that I think that figure is still correct, but it’s harder to check if you’ve made withdrawals.

That loss probably isn’t so bad in the current investing climate. A lot of people on here are in a lot worse position.

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The portfolio number includes dividends but the individual stocks numbers do not - the portfolio sees dividends as cash rather than linked to any holdings.


One change for that figure recently is that it is not longer the all time change by default instead it is based on the duration of the graph. So changing the duration changes the gain or loss.

Yeah I noticed that. Today’s graph looks better than the max one ha

I’m down exactly the same as you since I began investing, but day by day its crawling back. My major issues were going deep into a penny stock lol

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