Dividends in activity tab

Will the dividends I get paid show up in my activity ?


Not yet but :soon: At the moment you get an intercom message


Hopefully this will be implemented soon, as it’s really hard to track at the moment :unamused:


Yeh this feature can’t come sooner.


I love the work FreeTrade do day in day out. I’m just so impatient and really want this feature now :heart_eyes: I’m very excited for some of the upcoming features in the pipeline


Thanks for the replies everyone

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Is this live yet?

Nope. Unfortunately not.

It’s been delayed a few months looking at the development road unfortunately.

Looking forwards to this - just got an alert dividend received but no idea from what!

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Me too! And I saw my balance increase :thinking:
Maybe I’ll message in the live chat…
Or I’ll use @finki API to work out what dividend I should have got and work backwards

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Hey @asemblance,

Sorry about that - we’ve had a technical issue in getting the detailed message sent over to those that have received dividends today.

The team are working on getting the detailed messages sent out now and should be with you in the next couple of hours.

I second @Yas idea to utilise the finki API dividend functions … oh, hang on of course I would. D’oh :crazy_face:

Still not sure what mine is? Or if I received it? I havent had the pop up chat as normal. :thinking:

Yeah I’m still waiting for any details on my dividend from yesterday :thinking: not a massive issue though, hope it gets sorted ok :wink:

I’ve been receiving dividends but I’m not sure which companies or funds. Please fix.

I am not seeing my recent activities for recent dividends that should be being paid. I have all the dividends that I am tracking but I am not seeing them on my portfolio and or recent activities and as a dividend investors this is a vital piece of information that I need to see. This has been happening a lot recently which is making it harder to see if I have been paid dividends so I can properly record it for my growth.

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Do you have any examples?

Stocks I had before Ex-Div & the listed Pay Date
1st May - AT&T
14th April - HSBA
3rd April - Barc

Only one I had paid in April was VUKE on the 8th of April

This is what my activity tab is telling me

Not sure about the April ones, but at&t was only meant to be paid 1st May

The website says
Dividends are paid in to your Freetrade account as cash once we’ve received them. We tend to receive dividend payments 1-2 working days after they are paid.

So this one atleast I’d give a few more days