[Feature Request 🔧] Lifetime ISA (LISA) 👶🏻👵🏾

Adam covered here about the JISA

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Any indication of whether FT’s Lisa will accept transfers? I’d hope/assume so but it would be great to have confirmation of sorts.

Yeah can only hope

Same :slightly_smiling_face:

This is a long thread dating back to 2018, but I guess the summary is that today, this is not soemthing Freetrade offer, but that it might happen in the futre (yet no one is holding thier breath)?


Would love to open a LISA with Freetrade. Don’t fancy opening an account with another provider just for a lifetime ISA. :crossed_fingers:its coming in the near future.


Carnt believe this still isnt a feature. Had to open one with hl along with jisa


Fees with HL are reasonable anyway, can only see Freetrade charging extra for it if and when it does come along.

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It’ll be interesting how it’s priced. Ideally, it would be included in Plus to add value to the subscription

Say it’s an extra £60 a year. FT would cost me £180 while it would be £245 with HL for my use case.

An extra £65 for a full-service broker would tempt me to switch.

I’m thinking of switching to an ETF on HL with my LISA for the £45 capped fee. Could then set up direct debit to invest the full 4k so no charge, then would be £11.95 to invest the bonus, maximum cost per year £56.95.

Upgrade on FT would cost be an extra £60 but would be more flexible in terms off adding money and other shares etc.

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Yeah, I could do similar with my Sipp. I think the cap’s £200. It’s not bad value if you stick to free regular investing. HL often offers a switching bonus which can effectively wipe out the fees for a year too.

I can hardly wait for FT to launch a Lisa as I’m nearing the cut-off age. I’d love to have everything under one roof and, thinking about it, I would be prepared to pay more for that convenience.

£180 would be good value for a Isa, Lisa and Sipp. The equivalent on HL would be £326 if you assume one £12 a year trade in each account.

Part of me thinks it’s worth paying that little bit more for the peace of mind of not having my lifetime investments with a neobroker.

Freetrade have missed the boat on this. AJ Hell, where I have my LISA, are lowering their fees to ~£5 a trade and I as I use my LISA for long term investing with limited trading it’s not so important that I have the free trades of Freetrade for this investment.

I only hope this was a deliberate decision by Freetrade, perhaps LISA/JISAs are just too complicated and low margin for them to bother with, rather than Freetrade just dropping the ball and not getting their LISA/JISA offering to the market in time.

Correct if people are just buying to hold for the next X amount of years the revenue generated would be limited.

dodl is cheap for a lisa…just limited selection of etfs.

Like others in this thread I got bored of waiting for Freetrade to offer this. I moved all mine to Dodl in the end to escape HL’s fee structure; Dodl is pretty cheap by comparison though in time the % fee will catch up with me.

It’s a shame Freetrade never really showed an interest in this but I guess the limited portfolio sizes just don’t stack up from a cost perspective.


I opened with fidelity last year

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I use Dodl too for this

Hl for me