Hello, it’s newbie question time


New around here. Also very new to investing.

I have previously been using Moneybox to start my investment life. I’ve been using them around a year or so, just saving spare change.

At first I had a little bit in a stocks and shares ISA, then I grabbed a LISA when they came out with them too and that has quite a bit more in it. Hopefully perhaps Freetrade will introduce a LISA.

I realise currently Freetrade only helps me with the S&S ISA.

Please bear with me with these very basic questions.

I stopped adding money to my moneybox S&SISA because the fees seemed really high for the amount that I was adding in. I came across Freetrade and have opened an S&S, but notice the monthly fee will be £3 (after the free period) but that I’m not going to be charged as many fees on the investments per month, right?
It’s difficult/confusing to compare all the fees and know what’s better…

I’m thinking I would like to put aside £50 a month into the S&SISA with Freetrade, and am still reading up about how to diversify. I understand it’s best to be passive for long term gains in multiple ETFs. I’ve seen a post on here about examples for new investors which seems pretty solid to begin with. Then once I have a good balance in ETFs I will pick specific stock I like the looks of in areas I know a bit about; Apple, Netflix, Tesla, and some further diversification likely necessary in other markets.

Would it be reasonable to transfer my current S&S with moneybox into this new one with Freetrade? I prefer to simplify, but am I likely to lose money on transfer fees of what is a very small amount in attempting to do that, even if it is possible?

Another question is does Freetrade yet have any ethical based ETFs? I tried searching for some online and corresponding into the app discover but couldn’t seem to find any matches. I would like to try ethically investing in line with my personal values.


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