[Feature Request 🔧] Multiple Portfolios

Hi everyone, I think it could be really useful that Freetrade team consider developing multiple portfolios in the same account.
Doing that you could create portfolios for different purposes or just create it to compare performance among investment styles. For instance, you could have an ETF’s portfolio or an stock one. Or maybe you could distinct between countries, sectors,…


I think there’s a similar idea here, which you can vote on:


Thanks weenie for your feedback!

I Ditto this!

I like “virtual seaparation” with my money. Like monzo buckets.
It would be great to have a “long hold” bucket that you can check ever couple of weeks or months to make adjustments. And a separate Short hold for that cheeky speculation. You could set yourself different budgets for each


You can also vote for this feature to be added to Freetrade plus