[Feature Request 🔧] Open Banking Connection


Did a search, didnt find anything on this. I use moneydashboard to monitor my current account, credit cards and investments as much as possible. This is done via open dashboard for security - at the moment there arent many investment portals in open banking - wealthify for example is one of the few.

Can I request FT set up a connection? Appreciate for up to date info its always going to be via the app, but its really nice to be able to see my overall funds together, even if the info is only as up to date as the last time I clicked refresh :slight_smile:

According to the roadmap, the API should be released in 3-6 months.Then MoneyDashboard will be able to link to it I believe. :+1:

Yep would love to have this. API as a service is almost everywhere now

Brill, thank you

Would Open Banking enable functionality like “My Bank” sending roundups to Freetrade instead of to a savings account?

Tagging @Wulfy as they seem interested too

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Yep I would definitely be interested in roundups going to a freetrade account. I think i might have seen a question like that too on the monzo forum some time ago.

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You’re an inspiration my dude. I created a new topic here and linked to it…

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Doesn’t look like this ever got implemented… 2 years later, no Freetrade / Open Banking Connection to Money Dashboard :frowning:

The “road map” has long been more of a “dream map”.