:iPhone: Fevertree Drinks - FEVR

(Simon Marmara) #1


Going well - think they could be an interesting pickup.

(Harry) #2

Would love to add this!! Trying to build my G&T portfolio for a guilt-free Christmas…

(Harry) #3

@alex.s - is there any timescale for when some of these may be added? I know its AIM listed, will this slow it down? Any info is appreciated :slight_smile:

(Jack Bailey) #4

Keen to add this to my portfolio - any chance of it being added soon?

(Ryan) #5

I am also keen to add FEVR to my portfolio! :muscle:

(Simon Marmara) #6

It’s on Freetrade now :slight_smile: thanks guys!!

(Alex Sherwood) closed #7

Yes it is :smile: we’ve added Fevertree & 2 other stocks that’re listed on the AIM exchange now. Sit back, relax & enjoy :cocktail: