Fidelity China Special Situations plc FCSS

This trust invests specifically in Chinese companies spanning technology, industrials and healthcare.

Just been given 1 share in FCSS as a free share. Looking at its performance to date, looks like it has some potential. Anyone else in on this one?

It’s been on my watchlist, it’s gone off like a rocket recently! I invested in the broader Schroder Asia Pacific investment trust which has done pretty well too.

I don’t know if anyone else likes this stock? I have had a small amount in for a year or so, but I went in yesterday during the dip for more. Seems like a great way to have exposure to China without so much knowledge.

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Me too. Not doing so well now unfortunately!

‘during the dip’ :sob: it kept dipping.

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Is it bottoming now? Been watching but still not had any yet

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I’ve bought some at the turn of the month at around the £2 mark in my ‘fun’ portfolio. It may not have bottomed yet but at that price I think there’s a half-decent margin of safety.

That said, it’s a small position as I’m very wary of the risks that come with investing in China. It’s worth noting that this is one of the riskiest China trusts because it also invests in early stage private firms.

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Cheers. I might have a small starter and see how it goes before committing more.

The trust’s annual report came out today; it’s well worth reading if you’re considering investing.

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Appreciated mate :+1:

The price seems to be in the up over the past month. Any views on if that may continue it not?
Also, we were due a dividend last Thursday. Anyone else seen theirs?