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This cannabis company produces organic, pharmaceutical-grade cannabidiol (CBD) oils to supply its product lines and to sell to third parties.

Some good news for Flora as Germany i is positioning itself as the Cannibus Eldarado for business opportunities

Flora completes acquisition of Franchise Global Health. This deal gives Flora access to the medical cannabis market in Germany (currently around 150k patients)

It is going to be a nervy few months for us FGC holders given the nasdaq deadline to get from 20c to $1. Likely it is my unabashed optimisim but Colombia’s move to become the first country to pay for cannabinoid prescriptive medicine (where Flora is HQ’d) is the only encouraging sign I need to hold onto hope!

A very clear breakdown of Flora Growth’s projection of between $90m-$105m in 2023. Also a really helpful breakdown of last year’s activities

When does the share value need to increase by to avoid delisting ? I’m new to all of this.

One dollar by June I think

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This’ll explain the criteria for delisting and Flora better than my previous reply, although I suspect the article is missing some additional nuance to the situation


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Update on Flora’s new sales

Not that the shsre price is benifitting, but news of Flora’s 300%+ growth in last quarter

Flora’s year end report in video, includes CEO, CFO and CMO. Helpfully breaks down all Flora’s M&A activity and areas for growth.


Flora have compound approved for prescriptions in Colombia

This will do a wealth of good for Flora if it hits the floor soon

Lost all hope in these now

Anyone have news on why these have fell. Heavily

Hopefully we bottomed out in this one and we have a settled period an claw a few pence back :grimacing:

Out of the pennies :tada::tada:

Been a good month on these. Is there any news or just some speculative buys I wonder

Could be news that Germany is looking to be more open with regards to deals with growers. I think Flora bought a horticultural company last year. Bit vague, sorry, but that may explain the increased interest

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Hopefully this can continue. Still 35% down on these but hopeful