Forum revamp - navigation bar

I’ve seen the new community forum layout… It’s good that it gets a revamp every now and then but please change the colour of the navbar to something less bright. For three reasons:

  • The FT logo doesn’t stand out anymore
  • When you click on a forum post, the bright navbar appears briefly and then disappears as soon as the browser jumps to the latest post in that thread. I think the UX can be improved in this case
  • It hurts my eyes a bit :eyes:



May be make a white background and pink text of buttons on the bar.

Missing the dark mode for some reason on ios.

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I’m also seeing this weird grey line on all pages…


Same. Just mine is thinner and black :grinning:

Can someone from FT confirm this has been seen?

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That grey annoying pencil line is still there! I tried using an eraser but realised its electronic :pencil2: