Fractional shares not ISA compliant

Yes, buy, then change basic order drop down to limit order.

A bit more unwieldy, but works.

I have chosen to stick to whole shares, just in case FT have to go down that line, plus its less messy.

But I dont see that as the whole solution. FT still need to assure us their ISA is ISA compliant…which as Alex said , may take some time.


Nice - i’ll have to check that out. Does the trade execute immediately if you enter the ‘current’ price?

Not too concerned about ISA compliancy. It will be resolved on way or the other. My main concern is not being able to manually drip dividends. This already sucks majorly with my UK positions.

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It should execute immediately if you bid the current price.

Just remember, FT prices are NOT the current buy or sell price … they show mid-price…so you’ll probably need to add on a little bit to FT price to make the trade happen right away.

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Just a guess.

If not complaint you will have to pay tax when you sell a part share. If you only pay tax (assuming a profit) when you sell then if you are drip feeding you could reach a full share eventually and it would not matter.
Dividends would be a different matter…no idea!

Again just guess

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The very , absolute worse case, is that HMRC say FT offering isnt an ISA at all.

Then we may all owe tax.

I must stress, I do not expect this or I wouldnt be here. But until its sorted its not off the table.

Most likely I imagine HMRC will allow fractional shares…there is little reason not to.