Fractional shares not ISA compliant

Found this earlier today. It seems the tax man wants to do our knees contrary to government policy on opening up investing to the small people. Freetrade have stated they will fight changes and stand by us retail investors

Yeah a few of us had a barney about this last week :rofl:

Its in the ‘freetrade in the news’ thread.

Seems like a slow burner of an issue, and FT said they are doing what they can to get clarity on it, while sticking to their guns.

And I think writing to our respective MPs about our concerns will help nudge them in the right direction.

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Ah good stuff! I haven’t been around the forum for ages hence my unawareness :joy:


You are right to bring it up, and to be fair it should have its own thread to keep tabs on it.

It is an important issue that needs addressed in due course.

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Not really true.
You have to tell the taxman.
I won’t be.
As an aside, Why?

FT could make life simpler by offering whole shares or fractions. That way we can choose whether to be compliant and safe, or non compliant and at risk.

There’s an interesting response on this topic from InvestEngine over on their community.

Not going to crosspost in entirety, however this point stood out:

There’s a strong possibility that the HMRC quote came from someone with no decision making power

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I sold a part share in mercadolibre. Annoyingly it was up 2%. The remainder are up 13% now. Very annoying.

What’s the context? Share prices fluctuate.

Sold to make sure I was ISA compliant.

I still feel like that’s not enough.

FT need to ensure their ISA product is ISA compliant entirely.

Just because you don’t have fractional shares doesnt mean HMRC wont see the whole product as NON-ISA compliant and tar everyone - fractional shares or not - with the same brush.

That is why FT need to get to the bottom of this.

There was a response from FT to say they were doing so…I await that update.

You no doubt will be waiting a very long time

Hopefully not…

I like FT and would prefer to stay here long term.

The issue around fractional shares is the one thing I can forsee that would see me move.

This topic was raised some time ago…I expect some concrete answers around the turn of the year at the latest, otherwise I would consider moving.

I have NO fractional shares, and I consider this to affect me as much as anyone.

Either FT offer a bona-fide ISA or they dont. Whether any given individual has fractional shares or not is irrelevant.

If FT have any long term plans to be serious ISA providers, they will clarify sooner than later. This will take communication with HMRC. Something a serious and competent ISA provider can surely arrange.

Don’t underestimate how long it takes for the wheels to turn at government departments like HMRC.

I’m sure this is nothing to worry about and will be ironed out before long but it will take time.


Get that.

FT need to stay ahead of the story… they should have a thread here and update it with real and actual progress.

Date / Time / who they have spoken to and what undertakings have been given, if any , etc.

Silence suggests inaction…so we will see.

Personally speaking, hiding from the subject or fobbing off wont cut it for me.

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Hopefully they are going to change the rules to allow fractional shares in ISAs


I’m assuming this is in hand and of limited concern - @acamp are you able to allay any fears?

We definitely appreciate everyone’s comments about a desire for a speedy resolution. We want to see the same!

Discussions like this can take time though so please do be patient. We will provide an update as soon as there is any clarity and we are in a position to do so.


is there even a way to buy ‘whole’ US shares currently?