# Freetrade: A Platform Too Restrictive for Advanced Investors

I have grown and am well-experienced. Freetrade is now holding me back. The application is preventing me from making well-thought-out, sensible, and well-researched investments.

For example, Telenor had a fantastic second or third quarter. Can I buy the stock on Freetrade? Of course not.

More importantly, there is expected to be a crash in 2024. Experts on television have said that Australia should be pretty resilient and investing in the ASX (S&P ASX 200 for example) would be a very wise and sensible thing to do.

Once again, you find Australian stocks are not available on Freetrade.

Every stock I look for is never available.

Freetrade recently made a big announcement about the French market becoming available to the platform when it should have always been available. You made yourselves look bad.

Freetrade seems to cater solely to the inexperienced while some of us, like myself, have enough experience to be at a more advanced level now. We know what we are doing and want to be able to make sensible, sound decisions but are being denied from doing so due to the limitations of the platform.

Freetrade blocking ASX is effectively going against what some experts are advising.

I have edited this as people were miss understanding my meaning


Freetrade is aimed to be an easy to use product to get new people regularly investing, with the aim to build long term wealth. Not day trading

Many (more expensive) products sound like they would better suit your needs. I know Freetrade don’t currently cover ASX so I wouldn’t use it if that’s something I needed!

I agree it’s frustrating if you are unable to buy a stock you should be able to buy buy all you can do is request it and try to get a reason why it can’t be added

Rio is a auzzie stock but is also a UK stock yeahhhhh boi

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I think it just isn’t the right platform for you. It’s sounds a bit like you want Nobu and are surprised your local takeaway sushi joint isn’t as good….interesting choice of words on “blocking” freetrade aren’t actively blocking the ASX they just don’t support it. That’s quite a big distinction imo.

If you want to be overweight Australia (which I also want to do, although not just because some guy on the TV told me to?!) then it’s worth noting that freetrade does offer £SAUS which is MSCI Australia index. They also have the ADR of Fortescue and maybe others. IDK because I haven’t looked.

It’s funny that you consider yourself an investment “professional” but are still using freetrade and taking tips from TV pundits. No disrespect to freetrade but neither of those things are very “professional investor”. The pros get all their tips from dinner parties obvs :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:


I’m interested into why Australia in particular would be immune from this stock market ‘crash’ and be a rising market. The ASX 200 has a pretty heavy weighting on banks / financial services.

There’s nothing wrong with opening a second account elsewhere. I have the bulk of my portfolio on FT because I like the app and the user interface. Anything not available like foreign stocks and options I buy on my Interactive Brokers account.


Professional investors use at minimum, at minimum $1m to $3 million worth of monitoring equipment with automated alerts setup across their entire investment sector and likely use a vast platform like Interactive Brokers.

They also begin making investment decisions & moves half a year before they see the trend becoming apparent. So they aim to invest before the thought spreads to the majority of peoples minds. The talent there being the ability to know to make a move that could be worthwhile.

Many who shout from the rooftops are actually crooks, like Peter Schiff and Harry Dent. Pure crooks. Daylight robbery.

One move professional investors also make is they use any platform or tool to buy their decision. No matter what. They have access to all types of tools for their sectors.

Example: Interactive Brokers multi-asset trading account (including Options/Futures), T-212 trading account, Gambling site (to make gains on gold price speculation without having to pay capital gains tax), Crypto account…

They have watchlists and are clinical in making sure they have immediate access to buy their watchlist ideas when the time prevails.

So, open another account if needs be. Making money is not free unfortunately.


Without going too far into my personal decision making (which I’m still working through tbh), I see it as relating mostly to energy costs, and resources. Plus a bit of home bias because I have connections to that part of the world.

The only Australian companies I’m really overweight on Vs the all world are Infratil and Pilbara.

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I’m very happy with FT’s burgeoning offering. It caters for most of what I want. For anything else I use my wife’s II ISA account. When FT’s universe gets a bit bigger we may well move that across. I’m keeping the faith in FT. [Additionally, as an investment it’s a slower burn than I would have liked for sure but I believe we’ll get a half decent return one day.]


Not particularly happy with freetrades offering of UK companies never mind Australian ones.
Checked Hargreaves Lansdowne they aren’t offering Australian shares and they are largest brokers in the UK.
Interesting how our “professional investor” OP gets his investing insights from TV pundits.
Instead of coming up with the ideas himself.
Pity he doesn’t notice the majority of pundits are saying a soft landing is now the most likely outcome.
Why would Australia be less likely to have a recession?
All recession hit commodity prices hard and Australia is a major commodity exporter.

So as I am “freetrades leading stockmarket pundit”!! I am saying in a global recession Australia will be worse of than the US and Europe.
Alas my view is based on common sense not the highly accurate crystal ball issued to all TV pundits!!


If the S&P 500 does crash in 2024 then it would make sense to invest in the ASX if that going to be resistant as predicted.

Nobody was talking about Day Trading.

Thanks for your reply.

Australia is more resistant because their blue stocks are more involved in minding. Nikkel and other markets. The market is different there if you look at A&P ASX 200

I think the point here is rather than reiterate “predictions” maybe talk more about why there could be a scenario that the asx would do better next year over other markets.

Please share facts. Dyor, and educate. There are too many prophecies and those that preach. Unfortunately those are the same people that lost a hell of alot during the gamestop saga and ploughed too much money into nft’s.


You’ve posted again while I posted this. Commodities don’t necessarily do better off when the s&p does badly. Some commodities do well, as being somewhere others store cash (gold maybe silver etc) which is perhaps shown by increases to the gold price but that’s not the same necessarily for copper which is used in manufacturing and iron in construction.

Its a poor comparison to say the whole commodities market and therefor the whole of the asx will do better in an s&p crash…dyor

Why would it be resistant?
Any “professional investor” would be able to answer that

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Do you mean mining?
Mining equals commodities. Commodities don’t flourish in a recession.
S&P 500 could crash because it’s overvalued but that doesn’t mean Japan Europe the UK would fall out of bed as well.

There aren’t any!
Facts in the stockmarket are things that have happened. Not might happen

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Of course there are facts. The historic correlation of a crash of sandp500 to a boom on the asx would be a fact wouldn’t it. Is there one?

I don’t think I am the person that should answer that.
Even if there was a correlation it would be in the past… ready… ready… ready…go
“Past performance is no guarantee of future results”
Hence there are no facts

I think we’re arguing the same point in different ways…

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Yes it should be @tobywhaymand aka the professional investor who knows the answer.
Come on Toby help us

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