Freetrade Alpha

Will you subscribe to and pay for Freetrade Alpha ?

  • Yes
  • No

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I should have put maybe as an option.
I’m terrible at these polls :grimacing:


Just close this and create new one.
I can vote but I’m already Alpha.

I’ll pay for the ISA, but I can’t see myself paying for Alpha as I’m happy enough using basic trades (Alpha only gives you free US trades I believe; you still have to pay for 50p UK instant trades). Unless you plan on making more than 64 instant US trades a year (or 128 UK instant trades), it doesn’t make financial sense, unless other as-of-yet unannounced features become Alpha exclusive.

Last I saw the price was £7 and included the ISA so that’s only £4 a month extra (this may have changed since the pricing isn’t visible anymore and that figure was from a ft article)

As I very rarely do an instant trade it’s not worth it to me at this stage but I’m looking forward to seeing what’s announced and i’ll reevaluate then

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UK instant trades are free as well now

Ok that’s good to hear.

@Rat_au_van I think it was 10 quid a month or 100 for a year.

Hmm, I was going off what @adam wrote in the blog, although that was over a year ago now: Freetrade Invest Hub

£7 is definitely more attractive, I’d probably consider it at that price point, especially if it was cheaper if you paid for the whole year in advance.