Freetrade Competitors

I don’t think they verify the email addresses, I bet if you make a load of them up you’ll be able to get yourself to #1


Probably true but I’m not that desperate to get in :joy: Pretty sure it will be another app I delete in a few weeks after getting in.

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They seem to have caught on now with the latest update, you need a seperate phone number and email now

I’ve signed up to the waiting list and the branding looks really nice but I don’t see enough of a difference in the offering apart from multiple currencies ability to differentiate it from all the other apps.


I’ve noticed also no fx fees. Apart from that, like you say, nothing hugely different… I guess we will find out more in due course. They must have plans for a subscription… No commission and no fx fees. They need to make money somehow. 'have a website live in the coming months ’

Also potentially going to limit how many trades a day you can do… Which makes sense if there is no fx or commission costs

Those PDT restrictions are required for US regulation, so that’s not a commercial decision.

I imagine they’ll make most of their money from the FX fees (there are still some) and possibly share lending, they probably don’t need commissions or a subscription to make money.

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They’re likely to move faster. They just raised a decent amount of capital which is impressive at their stage.

Seems like John Lewis have partnered up with Nutmeg to provide investments via ISAs, JISAs and GIAs.

I’ve ordered online from John Lewis before so they had my details on their records - that’s a big market base they can tap into.

Note - I won’t be opening an account with them!

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5082nd in Queue


It looks like there is a few hundred from the Freetrade coach party all in the queue to use their toilets and leave without buying anything! Not many people have joined behind us.


A sneak peek, nothing impressive so far


Not a good look for eToro

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Freetrade is the future.
As Viktor said many moons ago - they will not take the quick easy route, they will build the best they can.


It’s paywalled, what was e-toro’s justification for selling them without his permission?


Probably related to this:

But sold at $0.01 though?

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The airline has to limit how many shares a non-EU person can have, due to Brexit that includes UK citizens. So eToro tried swapping the shares to the ADR but in the process the balance went negative due to a technical glitch so so they couldn’t. They resolved this in 6-days.

eToro has tried to make it up with a $250 goodwill gesture but the investor says he lost out so has gone to the Financial Ombudsman.