Freetrade Competitors

To make sure new accounts didn’t get missed out/mixed up from the backend changed being made?

Sometimes there are no conspiracies

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Also take time to do Infrastructure Changes if it a Private Cloud Model

Can you name any feature preventing from new users, which should take more than year? Does it mean that any new feature requires a year to be implemented for existing customers?

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I suppose you are speaking of 212.

I think they only have 17 staff iirc?

Back in the day before they closed I know people were complaining about it taking an age for orders to execute.

Also I think the FCA got involved as thier EU resident customers were still on the UK entity and they needed to create an EU based entity as I doubt the FCA wanted to regulate customer accounts where the customer was legally resident in the EU instead of the UK, same for the FSCS.

In the end perhaps we sha never know the minutiae details but these give some indication of some of the possible reasons.

I’m not a 212 apologist or fangirl, like you I’m trying my best to understand, but realise I may never know the full extent of why