Freetrade Competitors

a first step for Monzo…

With 5m users they will have some traction also with an average investments offering …

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Another revenue stream, without having to fork out a lot of money


It’s very clear it’s not their intention to create an investment platform like Freetrade with what they’re offering.

This offering is more in line with plum or Moneybox offering a very simple ‘risk’ level investment option. In which case it is relatively competitive.

I’m glad they didn’t buy Freetrade or Freetrade would have been locked behind a bank account that not everyone wants or can get


150,000 on the waiting list within 24h with just a Facebook status and forum post seems like the opposite of low take up to me :face_with_monocle:

An investment account for people who don’t care about investment accounts but want their money to work for them. It’s a really strong angle IMHO. They just plug it into Blackrock and let the fees roll in. Now that’s what you call a cash cow.

They kicked the tyres on freetrade even though they weren’t very interested and the vehicle fell apart. Not worth it for them even if Freetrade is on a Sports Direct 70% off sale, sadly there is nothing here that they want or need.


Moneybox and Raisin are the only wealth tech companies growing in 2023 according to Sifted

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Moneyfarm Share Investing

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With a platform fee of 0.45% certainly a good money spinner for close to 0 effort.

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I’ve had a thought recently about all these robo-investors Moneybox, Plum, now Monzo etc. There is starting to be a small but growing awareness that these big ETF providers like Blackrock and Vanguard are using their significant shareholdings in the world’s biggest companies to push their favourite ESG goals, rather than staying politically neutral like you would expect from companies with a extremely diverse customer base.

Even if you personally are aligned with their goals today, eventually they will be putting your money to work to pursue goals you don’t agree with.

This is still very much still in the realm of crackpot conspiracy theory but I think it will go mainstream in the next few years and it might be a good marketing angle for FT that indivdual stock picking isn’t ‘feeding the beast’ like passive ETF investing does.


TR has launched bond offer in Europe.

So basically offering stocks + crypto + bonds + options on the continent for 1eur commission per trade…

Also 4% EUR interest on uninvested cash


they still need a lot of additional features to keep their £4bn valuation…

TR downloads are 50% down vs 2022:

Freetrade have likely missed the boat in their European expansion. Sweden seems to be taking forever to get going.


It’s one of the reasons it might be a good idea to invest in one of the other etf providers


Freetrade Company Update - September 2023 email is out…

Can you copy main details over? Not had email yet

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Email went into my junk/spam box. Try yours!

It’s not arrived to everyone yet. Me and several others have had nothing. Yet.

Bad news? I didn’t get the email either

Trading212 is introducing extended market hours from next month (20-Oct-2023) for US shares.
Includes pre and post market hours.


Monthly updates might not be going out to everyone.
On the last crowdfunding round, Freetrade (disappointedly) had monthly updates only for anyone investing £10K+.
I’ve not received any update either.

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