Freetrade Competitors

interactive investor running a lot of tv adverts at the moment.

Lightyear investing app now includes a selection of Spanish Stocks from IBEX

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I dont think Lightyear has any traction at the moment in the UK market


I think you are correct.
However Lightyear do appear to be releasing new features on a regular basis.
What they really need is to release an ISA product and also have the FSCS protection in place (currently they have the much lower EU financial protection up to 20K Euro).

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I don’t get why Freetrade do zero advertisements. It’s very demoralising as a shareholder. I watch loads of sport on TV and I have never came across them anywhere Foorbal,Rugby,Golf etc.

Prehaps they haven’t set aside a huge advertising budget this year. With break even/profitability around the corner maybe they don’t want to burn through cash right now. There is a large (ish) user base and quite often word of mouth is advertising in itself.


Have we heard anyhting from Adam about this? As a shareholder I am not happy for FT to have to compete with HOOD.

The cost of getting an advert on TV is quite significant. Ad production, approval, ad serving and then the cost of buying the spots. Buying sport on TV is not cheap. A standard spot in a PL game would be £30/£40k depending on the break.

Using word of mouth when trying to become profitable over a longer timeframe is something I would prefer versus spending a load of cash with no guarantee of a positive result. Especially when the cost of raising further investment would be at a higher price or a share price discount and dilution.


I can understand you not happy about RobinHood launching in the UK

We already have a fair few free providers in the UK to compete with and I can understand a fair few people for EU & US stocks use trading212 as they offer EU & US stocks and the FX Fee is lower than FreeTrade so that does factor into people especially if most trades are EU & US as although on a single transaction it wont be much but add that up over a year and that can be a hefty amount.

And I suspect RobinHood will do the same and have a very low FX rate to make them more competitive.

Personally I never use FreeTrade for non UK transactions as the FX Fee is too high compared to others.

I still remember the relief when Robinhood pulled out of their UK launch plans last minute, what was it 2 years ago?

Unfortunatley, Freetrade haven’t used the breather wisely. Still waiting for proper EU launch, crypto, LISA, autopilot etc. same as we were back then.


Monzo should be valued at £6 billion plus as they are absolutely smashing it at the moment

Much like Revolut, i hear they are thinking of entering into discount stock broking

Please tell me you are not comparing Monzo with Revolting :face_vomiting:

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I have both think revelout is better

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I wouldn’t worry. Robinhood are taking thier precious time in starting up in the UK.

I suspect that the fact payment for order flow is banned in the UK will likely make them slow to come to the UK.

In short I think while robinhood are expressing some desire to open up shop in the UK, I don’t think they will do so soon.

This will give freetrade a massive headstart as freetrade already have a decent sized customer base.

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I think Robinhood will be a real problem for FT when it eventually launches in the UK.

If there’s one thing FT does well, it’s marketing and branding – I reckon RH could give it a run for its money on that front.


Is there ONE thing that Freetrade do well? I would say taking forever to do ANYTHING.
We have only been waiting almost 5 years for a proper Autopie and how come Freetrade can’t offer 24 hour trading? WHY oh WHY can’t we do that??? Can someone explain why not? Or at least extended opening! All you need to do is open an office in Australia and kill 2 birds with 1 stone! Follow the Sun and all that!! “GET IT DONE” and IF you can’t “GET IT DONE” move over/step-a-side and let other people run the company. I have had £10,000 invested in this company for almost 5 years and I am sick to death of how SLOW things are and have been for years. I’m just your average working man who is fed up with the constant slow progress and don’t get me started on the poor man’s autopie “recurring orders” and YOU GUYS are”millionaires” NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS??


Agree. We now have webull in the UK. T212 are improving all the time, now has after hours trading and improves the platform on a regular basis.

I find Freetrade has been allowed for whatever reason to remain stagnant and has been for years, no innovation or motivation to improve the platform (other than a few subtle changes), whilst other platforms continue to improve. Freetrade charges you a premium for their services too which is not value for money.

Its Free to trade some companies not all.

However FT will always have its fanboys, not sure why buy hey ho.