Freetrade Competitors

But when the customer is always right, which ones are more right than others? The one, two or the thousands? :smiley:


No one is more right than another, but everyone is right :grinning:

Lol, that’s politician-speak! :rofl:

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There is a user research team and I doubt they ignore the comments posted here but weights them along side questionnaires and interviews.

@weenie is right, this community is a vocal tiny minority and there are things I’d love to see (JISA, US withhold tax, more themed app icons, more ama style catch up with the C-Suite …) these can’t be profitable enough desires or else they’d be actioned by now.


You’re more than welcome to whinge, @Lee.will2023 . But please do keep in mind our community rules about keeping on topic and remaining constructive and kind to others on here.

Thanks :pray:


TBF the community is pretty large so a better judgement than many stats/polls that often are used as a guide to peoples views on everything in the news. :rofl:

On the “wishlist” things I get that 100%, what I do not like is things like the NFT issue with @CashCow etc where it is just ignored over and over as it doesn’t have a good answer but every award or raise is given every detail requested. This looks like the forum matters when beneficial and doesn’t exist on the difficult questions.

That being said I have voted for FT as am invested and want them to succeed. With all the issues mentioned they are still my favourite by a long way for ease of use and the pricing set up. Although the cheeky funny side would be a nice return, gotta love the old stock descriptions. :rofl:


@Viktor should simply apologise to @CashCow and others who were let down by NFT’s. How difficult is it to accept you made a mistake(over promised) and just say sorry!

I would also like to thank whoever sanctioned the above post,roughly 50% of my posts don’t get posted.


Get someone from the graphics team to knock up a GIF or two and issue it to @CashCow and the few other NFT holders and then set their accounts to £0 cost and send them some swag. This could so easily be fixed for what is essentially pocket change.

It’s starting to be a very bad look given that @CashCow is the third most active user of the community. @Viktor @adam @acamp


CMC Invest have opened their SIPP product

It’s available in their premium plan which is £25 / month

They’re offering it at £0 for a year and a transfer bonus


Competition will be fierce.

Wouldn’t class £25 a month and higher FX fees as fierce.

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WILL be fierce :wink:


Sold shares in general account to move into ISA. Asked freetrade to move money into ISA. The trades have settled but according to this mornings email it will take 2-3 days to happen.
Utterly ridiculous behaviour it’s cash how can it possibly need 2-3 days to move into my ISA?

“I’ve put the request in to move the cash between your accounts. This will take 2-3 working days and we’ll message once done.”

Arhhh most of what I sold was HGT. I was going to buy most of them back today. Up 4% and climbing.


The app really should have an option to move cash between your accounts instantly.


With HL it doesn’t even have to be settled to move money between accounts.


Thank you @NeilB, @MohammedMohammed and @Big-g for backing the £10,000 NFT Perk crowdfunding investors, it brings a tear to my big brown massive cow eyes.

I had no idea I was so active on here. I post less than I used to, mainly out of NFT related frustration, but I check in on posts quite a lot because this forum is such a valuable place to learn even if the forum isn’t valued by Freetrade outside of crowdfunding times.

I just checked my profile area of the FT app, I had no idea I had so many little badges in there…


Last couple of times it has only taken a couple of hours to transfer for me, probably a lot of people doing it today though.


Trading 212 launching a Cash ISA in May:


Getting worse some money was going to DEC up 8%


Grid up 7%

Cross fingers they drop the same amount when you finally get your money accross to your isa… remember you can never time the market!!! (Sorry)