Freetrade Competitors

Not used Dodl myself but its only had 10k+ downloads and the reviews seem a bit a mixed bag. They dont appear to have done too much over the last couple of years so im not really seeing them as a threat to Freetrade.

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I still think they should have made a move for Lunar,that would have been Monzo straight into Europe bank license the lot

Along with the launch of T212’s cash ISA, both the S&S and cash ISAs will be flexible!


Thankyou very much i`m going to give them a try :wink:


I don’t know if this will work for you or not when it comes to small caps/penny stocks or not, but it’s worth a mention.

I-Web do the 15-20 second window thing for you to place a trade.

If anything it’s worth a try and maybe execution of small cap trades could be better.

I’d guess that the most illiquid ones might be difficult as ultimately there does need to be a seller or buyer for you to do a trade in the opposite direction.

As I don’t trade that type of stock this is pure guess work and your mileage may vary on my part, but it’s worth a try, nonetheless.

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I am not sure if they offer crypto in the UK, but anyway.

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Hargreaves and Lansdown have been running a promotion for both new and existing clients - £100 of free trades until 21 June.

Remember for shares in a trading account there is no annual fee, in a ISA and SIPP fees are capped and there is zero commission for automatic dividend investment in all three accounts. If you are a long term market investor - you have compelling reasons to use HL.

The competitive environment will constantly change.

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Maybe this is an early days sign that even Hargreaves Landsdown know thier days of being more or less the most expensive UK broker are numbered, and perhaps this move is them testing the waters to see if they can onboard a bucket load of new customers.

As I said in a previous post

Believe it or not, once upon a time Hargreaves Landsdown were once the cheapest on the market.

I know in the modern day that’s hard to imagine, and I wouldn’t blame you for coming to that conclusion.

Back then there were few options available for retail shareholders.

The only options were Certificated shares (astronomically expensive, and still are), your own banks stockbrokerage services, likely both slow and expensive, or Hargreaves Landsdown, who were at the time the best and cheapest out there.

We are no longer in the 1970s or 1980s (or earlier) and while HL was once the cheapest broker on town, they are now as the back of the pack, and this move is the 1st sign that they are realising this.


Still a useful card though. Just visited three different countries on a cruise. Total spend (coffees, etc) £40.00p, Exchange fees £0.06p, Cashback £1.34p​:tada::tada::tada:
Did not need a trip to Tesco to buy 3 different currencies or their fees to start with, did not have any loose currency to bring home after the cruise and the money in the account is paying 5.2% interest! What’s not to like :grinning:


Received a notification that the T212 ISA is now flexible.


Trading 212 Cash ISA is now available

Paying 5.2% Variable
Interest paid daily
FSCS protection


T212 certainly adding alot of updates and making it very appealing to a wide range of investors. Ive used T212s ISA for the last year, great desktop and app, great interest on cash, but the huge deal breaker for me its the Max holding limits, Its just crazy small amounts on certain shares and even a request wont give a huge increase. Having an ISA an not being able to average down is nuts. My view is Lots of sweeteners but they haven`t got the basics right.


Good shout, I wasn’t even aware of it.

I guess depends a lot on the size of your portfolio and average order. E.g. for BRK.B the max position is currently 203,937 USD, still a long way to go…