What things do you not like about other trading apps?

What are the things that annoy you the most about other trading apps?

a lot of the apps and platforms out there are bloated and outdated, I haven’t seen any which are a joy to use, until freetrade that is.

so yeah, I would be interested in hearing other people’s experiences and I guess it could help generate ideas for making freetrade even better.

who knows

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My personal list of bugbears with other brokers:

  • Percentage fees
  • High transaction fees
  • Guiding users towards managed funds
  • Guiding users to buy/sell often
  • Limit orders not always available
  • Limit orders that are time limited
  • Charts of value that don’t include all costs and don’t show true growth
  • Not welcoming for beginners - I really like freetrade for this, think it is important, I wish I’d considered investing when young

That said I do think the UI of the HL app is pretty nice and worth a look.


For IG mine would be:
-Pressures to trade or take out certain products (e.g. CFD’s/Spread betting/Robo portfolio‘s)
-Custody fees suddenly introduced
-PDF’s in emails to signal dividends and trades, even though trades are made via an app
-Ugly ticker info when viewing portfolio
-Trade cost being too high to make small incremental trades

The graphs are better than Freetrade’s current version however, so it’s not all bad!


Oh yes, I forgot about the emails - 2 emails for every limit trade from HL, emails for expired limit orders with no way to turn it off. So annoying and pointless (a bit like the intercom emails from freetrade unfortunately).

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I’m with hl too, not alot about the app I don’t like to be fair but I hate getting a wad of paper from them every month with a huge application form to transfer isa’s or other investments in.

If I wanted to do it, I’d have done it already.

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