Freetrade DRIP

Did I see a notification to say this has been deployed or am I imagining things?
Now, I cannot find a reference to it anywhere!


Yes, I had a notification, then nothing on opening the app, so you’re not imagining things :grinning:


Glad it is not just me. Quite frustrating as it is the enhancement I have been waiting for.

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Snap! I thought I imagined it.

On its way maybe but someone turned the feature on too soon?

This one?

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Thanks for the reply, it wasn’t that one I’m afraid. The one mentioned most definitely mentioned DRIP and when clicking on it just took you to the app.

As mentioned, it was probably not supposed to have been sent out yet.

That was a very basic DD scheme so may be the result of improving that to something useful. Hopefully it is as that would be useful.

Is it possible to have this function on here to compound the investment?