MEGATHREAD: 🔃 Introducing recurring orders 🔃

Hi everyone :wave:

We’ve introduced recurring orders, one of our most highly-requested features and a first step towards Autopilot, our end-to-end solution for regular investing :tada:

Recurring orders let you automate your regular investments, making it simpler for you to build your portfolio over the long term.

Choose your investments, decide how much and how often you want to invest, and you’re good to go!

You also have the flexibility to review, change or pause your recurring orders at any time.

You can set up a recurring order from any instrument screen or from your Portfolio tab. You’ll just need to make sure you’re on the latest version of the app.

Happy (regular) investing!

Who can set up a recurring order?

We’ve started rolling this out to Plus customers over the last few days. Enjoy! If you can’t see it yet, you’ll have it by early next week.

Standard customers - watch this space :eyes: You’ll be able to set up recurring orders from next week.

Not a Standard or Plus customer yet? See how our plans compare.

When you invest your capital is at risk, the value of your investments can go down as well as up and you may get back less than what you invest. Always do your own research.


Good see this landing, set some up already.

It would be great if we could add more than 10 securities and/or create multiple recurring orders.


Looks like i don’t have it quite yet :disappointed: and the old one is gone so I have nothing :joy: weekend though so not like.i need to set any up just now

Glad it’s rolling out should be a nice addition for many people


Same for me. Sounds like it’s rolling out over the week and then to standard shortly afterwards.

This is step 1 of autopilot which covers what a lot of people have asked for. The feature looked complete on the short video as you were able to change frequency and amounts easily from memory.

Reading the email from FT it sounds like this is step 1 of autopilot. There must be a larger vision for how these pie’s evolve and get to the next level for things like rebalancing and future use cases.

“This is a first step towards Autopilot, our end-to-end solution for regular investing”


Hey @rehpot thanks for the feedback and yes those 2 things are definitely things we are thinking about.

For everyone else keen in setting your recurring orders we have just pushed this feature for all our Standard and Plus users, make sure you update your app to the latest version :+1:


Very nice work. Easy to use

I was expecting some sort of prompt to setup funding via direct debit. For some reason I had assumed direct debits were also available… not sure why I thought that I think it’s coming later?

It does say make sure you have money available so it is clear you need to do add money in time

Sadly I have an extra hurdle in usability for funding I can’t change my payee details for Freetrade with my bank in my banks app. So I need to wait until I get to a computer to update it from the old reference number it has (I think from the old recurring order system). Just a note as an unexpected hurdle I have

Also not directly related. But ‘top up’ just doesn’t sound right any more. It’s like I’m tipping up my phone credit.

I’m not expending my money, so tipis sounds really weird to me in an investment account over funding my investment account. Not sure why I never noticed before maybe as it’s just been doing its thing automatically. But the new feature it stands out as odd :sweat_smile:

Quite easy to setup. It looks like you can only add up to 10 investments and only one recurring order? Is there plans to make this more flexible?

And lastly an error I came across on iOS, When I try to add another asset to the recurring order I get this error below. It does add it with 0% allocation, but gives an error at the same time.


Great. I thought I’d flag that as a limitation I ran into immediately but it seems to work a dream otherwise. It’s good to ship something you can then iterate on.

I have 13 holdings in my Isa which I’d like to automate. I’m tempted to whittle it down to 10 but it’s like deciding which of my children I want to get rid of. :grin:

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@Eden Glad to see you found the setup easy, also something for us to think about in the terms of the “Top up” terminology.

As per the issue you experienced adding to your plan we already identified and released a fix for that, you should not see that anymore :+1:

Direct debit is something the team is currently working on and should make your automated investment experience even better, keep an eye out on the forum for updates on that one.

@rehpot we decided to start off with 10 as a limit of instruments for Recurring Orders, but that is something we will keep an eye on and potentially increase given how our users are setting up their Recurring Orders.


One thing I have noticed and I’m not sure if it supposed to work like that, but on the android version at least, when you first set up an order , the back button takes you back through all the previous screens before you get back to the home screen (which took 4 button presses), and while the order remains set, it does feel like you are cancelling it at that point.

Noticed this too, also on Android. Not a great experience but I doubt it’s intended behaviour and I’d imagine it’s a relatively easy fix.

It feels very intuitive to change allocations, frequency, pause or add more investments. The haptics are great!

I did notice a bug, whereby the 3rd + in the below list gives the haptic feedback but doesn’t do anything. If you click the fourth in the list VUAG, it adds the third one down I500. Clicking the fifth adds the fourth in the list and so on. The first two plus icons work as expected.

@JimmyJ and @Rob14 thanks for the feedback and glad to see you all trying out the features. We have identified the cause for these bugs and we are working on a fix for both iOS and Android :+1:


@JimmyJ @rehpot Thanks for pointing that out! A fix for this will be pushed out with the next app release.


Looks like I cannot complete the recurring order process as it doesn’t allow me to go past the “continue to allocation” button (I’m on standard) does anyone else have this issue?

I accidentally clicked on ‘add to recurring order’ on a stock from watchlist. There is no option to remove it from list of recurring investments. Lack of such basic feature is surprising!

View your recurring order, go to order options, go to edit investment allocation. And click remove on the one you want to remove


That’s how it should work, but it’s confusing because: there is no easy (intuitive) way to view your recurring order unless you first select an instrument already in your recurring order; and there is no ‘edit’ option, but only an ‘add more investments’ option even if 10/10 of your list is full.

IMO these are easy UI/UX improvements which will probably follow soon. This is still v1.0 of the feature.

FWIW I filled up 10/10 of a recurring order which started yesterday and will recur monthly. I think the FT team have done very good work here, and I look forward to seeing the feature evolve.