Freetrade Engineering Vacancies

You might if you put £10,000 in their pocket :flushed:

There’s more to app development than megabytes. A file size increase of that magnitude just suggests it is poorly optimised. Or it could be a result of optimising for performance by duplicating code / resources without actually adding anything new.


Likely the adverts have been there so long because they are managing to recruit but continue to scale and require more engineers so keep the ads out there

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I guess it depends on the person. There is so much demand for engineers at the moment and most of them are paying a good amount, so when deciding which job to take it comes down to quality of life, benefits, that kind of thing. Also you want to know that you aren’t walking into some nightmare that you are expected to magically fix. (this is all my personal experience, can’t speak for others)

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Absolutely agree with this. A few years ago I worked alone and had a company laptop and phone so being in the office didn’t provide any benefit at all, not even supervision. My requests to work from home were refused “because we need to know where you are.”

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I am sure there is,but my experience as a layman says that the more MB the better the product.

that’s a red herring. using a different compiler could completely change the amount of MB it uses, without changing a single line of code.

if anything, less MB would usually say to me “more efficient use of space” :man_shrugging:


I’m sorry I don’t understand what you mean by that’s a “red herring” I am talking about MY OWN experience of using apps with more MB I find them superior to other apps that have less MB

It means that you constructed a pattern, e.g. more MB=better, that is just not a thing.


it just means it is a misleading metric.
A developer could decide not to compress anything and drastically increase the disk usage while making the app noticably worse, for example. In reality, developers work very hard to minimise resource usage.

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You guys have lost me sorry. I can only talk about MY OWN experience regarding using APP’s with more MB. I find they offer a more pleasant user experience.

and I find apps that have green logos make me 23% happier :stuck_out_tongue:


Individual experience is just a bad metric. That’s why people who know more about these things tell you that more MB is not better. Just accept it :smiley:


What’s being said is that this isn’t a metric. You may have some anecdotal experience there but the size of an app or binary has zero relation to it being ‘better’ in any qualifying way.


My own experience is that bigger cars are more pleasant than smaller cars. If you follow the logic it means that a bus must be more pleasant than a Lexus. :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t intend to diminish your experience, but coincidence doesn’t always result in correlation.

I believe what we call you is an “Intellectual Bully” :+1::clap: Also it is possible that the bus is more comfortable than the Lexus.

I came on here trying to have a grown up conversation and you get people trying to undermine you with their so called intellect. Good for you guys you are amazing. Keep up the “Intellectual Bullying”

what would be an acceptable way to disagree with your point then?

Back to hiring… Possibly some reasons why they’re not managing to fill the roles.

  • Are they getting enough applicants? Are they advertising in the right place? I’m job hunting at the moment for product roles, but hadn’t come across their ads until I looked directly on their LinkedIn or careers page. Using recruitment agents might help with this (with extra cost), as will promoting ads in places where developers are more likely to be hanging out (like Stack Overflow Jobs, or the monthly “Who is hiring” thread on Hacker News. The pandemic has (sadly for many people) created a great opportunity for hiring companies - I’ve seen tech roles at Revolut which had several hundred applicants on LinkedIn, yet FT’s open positions are in the low 10’s…

  • They say they’re committed to increasing diversity in engineering by partnering with the Black Young Professionals network, yet don’t list any jobs with them

  • They don’t publish salary ranges in job adverts which does put a lot of people off.

  • Are they being too prescriptive or have too high expectations for those that manage to find the job ads, are they looking for a specific “culture fit” that excludes many of the applicants? Many tech firms look for unicorns which are all too rare.

  • Are they taking too long to go through the interview process? Perhaps with bottlenecks in the process by requiring senior management input to the process, or by waiting for a certain number of people to be part of a hiring cohort in order to compare applicants. One engineering candidate on Glassdoor said it took 2 months to get through the interview process…

  • Their Glassdoor reviews for work-life balance are pretty low (3.4 out of 5), and as mentioned above haven’t fully embraced remote working (which the rest of the tech world has pretty much now done and is likely the new normal). This will put off a lot of applicants.

  • Other paths to consider could be to use contractors/fixed-term contract resource to get them out of this likely busy spot, or they look to hire and train up apprentices or grads.