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(Rachel Downes) #1

Hey gang! :wave:

I’ve been lurking but this is my first post, so I’ll do a short intro. I’m Rachel, I recently joined to help with our expansion plans. I was previously at Deliveroo, where I helped scale the tech team from startup to the behemoth it is today :pizza:

We’re looking for a whole bunch of different people (check out our careers page for the full list), and I’m currently focusing my efforts on finding some (more) awesome engineers to help us build and ship all that we’ve got planned. At the moment we need experienced/senior folk, so if you think you fit the bill I’d love to hear from you! We’ll eventually be hiring babydevs :baby: too, but we want to make sure we’ve got the right support structure in place first.

On a personal level, I’m passionate about diversity and inclusion in tech (and well, all of life) - so I’d especially love to hear from underrepresented groups. We want to build a team that’s reflective of the world around us, because c’mon - it’s 2018.

Feel free to ask me any questions :slight_smile:


(Viktor) #2

What’s the most exciting role we have right now? :slight_smile:


(Rachel Downes) #3

Don’t make me choose! :see_no_evil:

The Principal Software Engineer role is definitely up there - they’ll be helping to define engineering at Freetrade for years to come. The Android/iOS ones are pretty cool too, being a mobile-first product means you’re part of the decision-making rather than playing catch up to a legacy stuff that’s been around forever.

But - honestly - they’re all going to have so much impact on what we’re building that I can’t pick out one that’s more exciting than the rest.


(Theodore Gregory) #4

Been dying a while to be part of the Freetrade team! :freetrade:
Don’t suppose us babydevs might have a shot come the end of the academic year? :baby::man_student::crossed_fingers:


(Theodore Gregory) #5

Woohoo, there’s a graduate role listing! :tada:


(Rachel Downes) #6



(Theodore Gregory) #7

This is so very exciting :star_struck:

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(James Drake) #8

If you guys ever get a role to do with UI UX Design i’d love to help out


(Shivanshu Patel) #9

Any role for full stack developer ? I can write code in PHP, Javascript (React, Nodejs ) and Java.


(Alex Sherwood) #10

We’re always hiring developers :smile:

Check out the roles on our careers page -