Freetrade Investors

Hi All,

Please can you advise when Freetrade investors will be receiving a formal update on the firms performance. Great to see insight into product roadmap, user retention / acquisition, interaction with Draper Espirt and exit considerations.



I think they’re all hands to the pump at the moment due to record sign ups etc and new features/stocks just around the corner.

@adam could you give a tough timescale for when the next update for investors will be?

Last Investor update I recall was this one:

They were intended to be monthly:

Awaiting the next one also.

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Hey @Fujarator, you might want to get the Freetrade updates. Opt in here:

Thanks Viktor- I’m registered :slight_smile:

Just keen to obtain info to help with my own personal valuation of Freetrade as the info in the public domain is a little scarce. Appreciate the sensitivity around IP and mgmt accounts, just think investors need some more operational / strategic info, especially in this volatile times