Freetrade ISA and its new universe

Seriously thinking about opening up a Freetrade ISA for this year however the universe is something I ponder quite a lot. I know people are building out the new universe at Freetrade however I’d just want to stress that in order to get more ISAs users like myself, I really need some comfort on the size of the universe for me to put my ISA with Freetrade. For instance, more than 50% of my portfolio holdings are not on Freetrade currently. And I am not the sort of person that trades a lot so I would just re-invest into my existing holdings mostly year after year.

The other question is would Freetrade ever consider to have actively managed funds? That would be important for me to open an ISA since I do have some small investments in actively managed mutual funds, rightly or wrongly being pushed by HL’s recommendation lists, some of which have done well for me.