ISA April 2021

Hi Freetrade,

As we can only invest in one S&S ISA per financial year, it would be good to understand if certain stocks will be available in the new tax year and approximately when.

I understand this may be challenging, but although I have an ISA with freetrade I am more than likely to be opening a S&S ISA with another provider due to the fact they provide me access to shares I currently hold which are not part of the freetrade portfolio. These are shares in the TSX and ASX exchanges for example.

The fact that there is no access to these and no sight of when access to these shares will be available means that I am looking at funding a S&S ISA outside of FT.

If I knew when these could be made available it could entice me to wait dependent on when in the financial year they would become available.

Many thanks

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Ft have said they are prioritising European stocks next for the EU expansion.

Not even HL do some of the Canadian stocks and none on asx

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This is a reasonable question. I started investing with :freetrade: due to the gains I saw as likely from stocks hit by the pandemic. I’ve enjoyed using the Android app very much and it’s still my favourite app from any of the brokers I’ve used.

The above said, I do have GIAs with other providers and now that I’ll be looking at buying dips less, the number of instruments available matters more to me. I’ve been very supportive of Plus (perhaps obnoxiously so) in the past and still am. Others offer a fee-free S&S ISA, though this isn’t what matters most to me. European stocks are good, but I’d also like to see OTC Markets instruments here at Freetrade. I’ve read here that Drive Wealth doesn’t support OTC, but I can hope. Anything I can have in an ISA and avoid potentially paying capital gains on (I can but hope to do well enough to be in that position) is appealing.

I appreciate that the team can’t be 100% open about everything with us, especially right now with all these new customers keeping them busy :slightly_smiling_face: I hope though that they share a bit more of the roadmap/things that we can expect in the run up to April. I imagine they’re well aware that there’s competition out there for those ISA accounts and April is fast approaching.

This is all said with the greatest of respect and I fully expect Viktor and the team to communicate openly with us on this. After all, they always do and I appreciate that. It’s part of what’s kept me so active with :freetrade: thus far.

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