Freetrade partnership with Genuine Impact

DO anyone think it could be possible for Freetrade to partner with an information providing company like Genuine Impact in the future. A bit like Robinhood and marketsnacks.

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I don’t know Genuine Impact, but their website suggests it’s a B2B data provider / organiser of some sort (e.g. “security ranking”), but I might be wrong?

Meanwhile, Snacks is content, which is different. I do admire the rap game in their podcasts:

You’re correct - they use a proprietary algorithm to ‘rank’ securities on a number of factors and assign them a score out of 100.

I already suggested to their CEO to hook up with the FreeTrade founders and explore a partnership of some sorts.

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Yeah Viktor and SImon it seems you are correct about your analysis, But i still think a partnership between the 2 companies could work out in a good way just saying hahaah.

it would be wicked partnership if executed right

I did a post about them being listed on CrowdCube when they went live a few days ago.

Selfishly I’d love this, save me hoping between apps!

They are B2C, in their slide deck they mention about partnerships; you do your research with them and then trade with your own broker.

They only cover the research and intelligence side, they leave execution up to others.

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Exactly, they also clearly stated they have no desire about going into the execution side, as they see that as an increasingly crowded market place, where companies like FreeTrade are much better positioned.

They are very open to partnerships. From my perspective, it’d be amazing if you could click on a stock in FreeTrade and then get a “powered by Genuine Impact” page with lots of info and data about that stock. May be some basic info for free, but the ability to link your premium GenuineImpact account could give more info if you got a subscription there.

Would give them access to a large user base as well. Win/win.


Heads up anyone with the app. They’re doing a community event on the 3rd