Freetrade SIPP launching soon! Transfer your pension to Freetrade and get a free share between £40 - £2,000

We’re excited to be close to launching our self-invested pension plan (SIPP) :tada:

And with our new free share campaign, you can get a free share worth between £40 - £2,000 when you sign up to the waitlist by 6 Dec and transfer your pension to Freetrade.

Full details on this page:

And the list of free shares:

Pensions and tax rules apply. Capital at risk.

Important info:
● The free share is yours for as long as you want it unless you transfer out or close your SIPP within a year of opening a Freetrade SIPP account, in which case the value of the share awarded will be required to be repaid.
● Make sure that the Freetrade SIPP is the right pension plan for you, and that making any transfers to it would be in your best interests.
● To receive a US stock, make sure you’ve filled out your W-8BEN form.


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