Freetrade SIPP launching soon! Transfer your pension to Freetrade and get a free share between £40 - £2,000

We’re excited to be close to launching our self-invested pension plan (SIPP) :tada:

And with our new free share campaign, you can get a free share worth between £40 - £2,000 when you sign up to the waitlist by 6 Dec and transfer your pension to Freetrade.

Full details on this page:

And the list of free shares:

Pensions and tax rules apply. Capital at risk.

Important info:
● The free share is yours for as long as you want it unless you transfer out or close your SIPP within a year of opening a Freetrade SIPP account, in which case the value of the share awarded will be required to be repaid.
● Make sure that the Freetrade SIPP is the right pension plan for you, and that making any transfers to it would be in your best interests.
● To receive a US stock, make sure you’ve filled out your W-8BEN form.


Are the confirmation emails going out ok? Haven’t seen one, I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve previously registered interest or something.


Same here, not received confirmation email. Maybe because of huge surge in demand…

To be clear, the banding of the freeshare where it says minimum, if someone transfers a 11k portfolio do they have a chance of getting £2000 still with a floor of £90 or not?

Sorry if stupid question.

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Exciting stuff!

Just to confirm, we only need to start the process for pension within 30 days of SIPP launch, not necessarily finish it right? conscious that things like that take time.

Can you share guidance of options that Freetrade will support @retirement?

I’ve got mine.

I must have put my details down previously so that must be why I haven’t got anything.

Hey I have a quick question that I’ve seen others ask before around fees.

Is there a document explaining all SIPP based fees, costs, options and limitations?

E.g. can you confirm any rules or costs around drawdown, transfers, sump sum, annuity (which I presume you don’t or won’t offer at this time), or other pension related charges?

The offering is interesting but I’ve no idea what I actually get with Freetrades SIPP product


I didn’t get one either, but I think I had registered before… @sampoullain can you confirm please?

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Never got mine either

Sams going to get alot of people asking him to confirm if we’ve signed up before now so that people don’t miss out on the promotion :smirk:

I signed up previously and got the email half an hour ago

Will freetrade be using Origo Options to sort out transfers? That’s what my provider has said lol.

Not a stupid question at all!

If you transfer pension(s) worth £11k, then you’ll get a free share worth at least £90, what you would get today is either Apple, Nike, or Disney. These are the sort of free shares you’d get. Their value might obviously change until launch time, so we might pick a different one for you.

We wouldn’t give Amazon, unless you transfer £250,000+.

Hope that makes sense, ask away. :+1: And thanks for being interested in the Freetrade SIPP. :pray:


@SpyrosL @Wulfy @Cameron @yomz10 Can you DM Sam and I your email address?

We’re keen to get to the bottom of this.

I can confirm we are seeing a very big surge, so it might be that are email system is struggling with the demand and it will take time for it to send out your confirmation email.


Does this apply for state pensions?
Sorry I’m a bit late asking.
Would need an efficient and fast withdrawals feature.
Could we put Direct Debits onto it?
Could we treat it like a bank account?

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My other post a over this was hopefully directed at you not just generally.
I am enquiring about state pensions if that is not stupid enough.
Follow on to withdrawal, direct debit, use as a bank account, list on Amazon and PayPal as payment account, etc etc
Just wondering generally how far you are thinking of going with this.
It has become my main financial activity, my main activity generally, you have taken over from Paddy Power in my life cycle, which is good news.
So just how far do you think you can go?

This may depend on your age.
If under 55, you really don’t want to be treating a SIPP like a bank account and so, having a fast and efficient withdrawals feature won’t matter.

If you are under 55, HMRC will tax any funds withdrawn at a lovely 55%

Hi @Wulfy, we’ll support cash transfers from launch, including paper-based transfer forms for providers who don’t currently support electronic transfers, as well as supporting speedier electronic transfers such as the Origo transfer service.


This is fantastic


Hi @SpyrosL,

We will award your free share in the next 30 days after you open and contribute to your SIPP account or all your pension transfers initiated within 30 days after Freetrade SIPP is open are complete.

The free share is yours for as long as you want it unless you transfer out or close your SIPP within a year of opening a Freetrade SIPP account, in which case the value of the share awarded will be required to be repaid. Terms apply - (

Regarding retirement options, we are planning on working on retirement options such as annuity/drawdown next year but from launch, these will not be available immediately. We’ll provide full details on everything ‘Freetrade SIPP’ in the near future.

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