Freetrade's crowdfunding round 📈

Here’s a quick summary of the situation:

  • We’re waiting for confirmation (aka ‘advanced assurance’) from HMRC of our EIS eligibility. We don’t expect any issues, but we just want to be transparent here.
  • Crowdcube are still working through the initial investments & confirming how much has been invested so far - it looks like less than our potential EIS cap!

Assuming we get the good news from HMRC, & that less than £2 million has been invested by people who’re eligible for EIS (the latter looks very likely), you will get EIS allocation.


The way I look at it is you aren’t buying stocks or shares in the company or getting anything in return, but rather donating/giving money to Freetrade to help them grow.

In 10 years time (or however long) you may get some money back (by way of one of the ways discussed by @Rollingskies above), but this is not guaranteed.

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I don’t see it as a donation at all, I’m hoping for a profit. If I want to donate I’ll donate to a charity.

It is a risky investment and I could lose the lot, but I’m not “giving” them my money


That’s 100% true, but in terms of ‘beginner’ investors who might be thinking they are due a big payday and quickly, the likelihood is that won’t happen (for a while anyway).

I just find it easier to think of it as a donation at this time with the potential to payout in the future

You’re buying a small share in the future profits of the company, but it is still a private company so you can’t sell the shares easily at all. You should not expect to see a return for 5-10 years. Outcomes could be:

  • Company goes bust - you get £0
  • Company is sold - you hopefully get some return
  • Company goes public (IPO) - you hopefully get some return

So it is a risky bet on the team executing and you won’t know the results for a decade say. It is possible you get 0, it is possible you get up to 20x say (much higher seems to be me unlikely over that time-frame).

Any news on how somebody invested 60k ? @alex.s @Viktor

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For anyone who had the “investor assessment” problem, they fixed it for me after I sent in a support request. I was able to do a test investment with another company on their platform (and will cancel it later).
Worth checking your own account to see if it works, and if not put in a support request.

Possibly A-share pre-emption rights?

When you look at a company such as Deliveroo that are doing really well and i know James Storer previously worked there. They’re still listed as a private company and there’s no gurantee they will go public. Also there’s been numerous news reports about other companies trying to buy them out. There’s no gurantee you’ll be getting returns and there shouldn’t be an expectation for this as well!

Yes - its worth emphasising that most crowdfunding investors lose all their money and should be prepared to do so. Its one of the main reasons Crowdcube or Seedrs are subject to regulation to make you fill in questionnaires.

Even then, I think many recent Fintech raisings have targeted the financially naive who don’t realise the potential risks.

Best to think about it in terms of risk and reward. Freetrade is high risk but there’s a massive potential reward.

You don’t need to put a lot on crowdfunding investments to get a good return, as you could be getting 10x return (in many years time) :+1:t3:


Essentially, I think you just have to be careful to manage your expectations and only part with money that you are willing to lose.


Thank Rob !! It’s very helpful x

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I thought they were gonna reopen the funding round today?

Can’t decide if I should take a leap of faith with this one or not :tired_face:

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Take the leap!!

(Only if you can afford it and are happy with the risk) :+1:

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Indeed - makes the EIS even more essential. I wouldn’t bother without it.

No, we never talked about today! Above, I left a comment above saying Crowdcube needed a number of days to improve their tech and handle the unprecedented demand to Freetrade’s pitch.

We’ve now decided the optimal time to re-open our crowdfunding, look out for a thread from Adam soon!


We’ve just shared an update in this thread: We are closing the round (and re-opening in June) please carry on the discussion there.