Fuller Smith & Turner - FSTA 🍺

FTSE SmallCap so maybe quite some way off. But it’d be nice to have a brewer on Freetrade apart from Diageo.

FSTA is already available in the app

Fuller’s exits brewing with £250m sale to Japan’s Asahi

Market has reacted favorably up 22% on opening!


We picked a good time to add them to the app then :smile:

Here’s some more coverage:

Evening Standard | The Guardian | The Independent

Pretty good moment for investors, but it’s kind of sad to see another independent brewery swallowed by a conglomerate.


What does this mean for people who bought stocks in Fuller? Will they get a payout based on stock and then not own any stock, or would it get transferred?

Fuller will still be a public company so not much will change here. Sometimes companies in this situation pay a large dividend but we’ll have to wait & see :crossed_fingers:

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see Fuller's