Funding circle or amigo?

hey all. my first post on here. who do you reckon is better to invest in? Funding Circle or Amigos? both have dropped due to restructure and making it tempting to buy shares in before hopefully a recovery in both companies

Why did you pick these two? You have a hypothesis about lending companies?

Neither, they’re both awful. P2P lending is going to die a horrible death when any kind of recession hits.

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Funding Circle p2p investors have been pulling their money out of the company due to poor performance of 2017/18 loans.

But not enough people are buying them, and the last sale that went through took 4 months. The secondary market may be paused right now.

I wouldn’t buy shares in Funding Circle unless they sort this out. Just charging a fee to sell and splitting that with the buyer would probably solve it.

Mintos above both of these. Higher rates and the biggest P2P in mainland Europe. Has buyback guarantee as well. I invest in a few although I’d start there

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Funding Circle is up ~20% today after reporting increased loans under management and reaffirmed their forecast.