Gamestop stock workaround

I noticed that due to restrictions from US partners it wasn’t possible to buy Gamestop (GME) stock.

However, Gamestop is not only listed in US markets. As a workaround, could you add the ability to buy GS2C (Gamestop on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange)? Do you currently permit stock to be purchased on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange?

I’m afriad the Frankfurt Stock Exchange isn’t currently available on the Freetrade app but European stock exchanges are rumoured to be on their 2021 road map

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Maybe they are saving you money. Maybe you can now research and invest in something else–we got a nice earnings season.GME was like the first run at bitcoin but much faster. I do like my cryptocurrency though but the first wave hurt a lot of people but nobody forced people to ride that crazy train.

It’s not their job to “save me money”. GME is volatile yes, but as the saying goes, no risk no reward. The GME story isn’t over yet, will be interesting to see how it pans out over the next few weeks.

As for the information about Freetrade’s access to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, thanks for letting me know.

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