Gazprom - OGZD/OGZPY

Public Joint Stock Company Gazprom is a large Russian company founded in 1989, which carries on the business of extraction, production, transport, and sale of natural gas. The company is majority owned by the Government of Russia, via the Federal Agency for State Property Management and Rosneftegaz.

Did you know - Gazprom is the largest company of Russia by revenue ($112.2 billion USD)

Largest Russian oil company

Would be nice to see Gazprom added to the Freetrade. It’s actually on the London Stock Exchange as the LSE:OGZD.

The company fundamentals are really good:

  1. Low Price to Earnings ratio (P/E) - only 3.0
  2. Low Price to Book Value ratio (P/B) - only 0.4
  3. It is undervalued based on future cashflows (see images below)
  4. It has strong long term technicals (see images below)
  5. It pays very nice dividends (just paid ~7% a few days ago) and has a history of paying dividends.
  6. Its level of debt is low as well.

Financial data:

It’s undervalued based on future cash flow:

And long term moving averages and oscillators look like that:

Gazprom’s debt levels:


This is a very interesting overview, but I think Simply’s analysis does not take potential political instability into consideration. There is always a likelihood of further sanctions on the Russian energy sector, and you also cannot fully discount the risk of complete nationalisation should Russian economy be desperate for it.

This is like saying that Apple might be bankrupt tomorrow.

Also, I am not forcing anyone to invest. I just mentioned the reasons why I would like it added to the FT. I already have it via another platform but would like to invest via FT ISA instead.

Of course I did not imply that, merely suggested that the risk is higher than in Apple’s case. By simply looking at the Yukos example, it is theoretically possible to happen with any other Russian company. This is why Gazprom’s fundamentals are so good - they do not factor the risk of political instability. I thought it is worth to mention for others to take into consideration :slight_smile:


Hello FreeTrade Team. Now that we have the “Invest by Freetrade” platform rolled out and it’s much easier to add many many US and UK stocks, could we please add this one? It’s listed in the UK under OGZD (in the LSE’s International Orders Book) and in the US under the OGZPY ticker. I have these shares in my other broker but would like to close down the account with them and have all my shares here in FT.


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Bumping up Gazprom, would like to see them on Freetrade if the ADR is compatible.

Isn’t this stock a planet killer?

You could say that about all companies related to fossil fuels. I guess it depends with what you’re comfortable with investing.

Gazprom have a 36.7% market share of the Gas market in Europe. That’s the main reason why I’m interested in them.