GIA or ISA conundrum

I started with a GIA then went PLUS and transferred an ISA into FT. Is there now any reason I shouldn’t sell stocks in the GIA and invest solely in the ISA? Thanks in advance!

If you are long term holding then you should always try and put within and ISA wherever possible.

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ISA. Always. You’ll only regret it in the future if you don’t.

I know people who didn’t use ISA’s when they started investing (because CGT threshold seemed so far away) who would now have 6 figure tax bills when they sell that could have been avoided completely for a couple of quid a month.


Another vote for ISAs from me! There’s no real down side, and the fee will soon vanish into insignificance compared with your portfolio. The benefit is not only that you don’t have to pay tax; you also don’t have to worry about any record-keeping because nothing that happens inside the ISA has to be reported on your tax return, and believe me, that is a great benefit once you have a portfolio of any significant size where you’re buying and selling more than a few times per year. Avoiding spending a day poring over transaction histories and calculating capital gains is well worth the cost of the ISA!



Currently going through the headache of selling all my shares in GIA to re-buy them again in an ISA.

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Thanks everyone. I’ll begin closing the GIA…

You don’t close the GIA, just sell your holdings and ask support to transfer the cash over when it’s settled.
Plus your GIA is useful for stocks not allowed to be sheltered in an ISA (typically ADRs, which are mainly Chinese stocks).

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Thanks…I’ll do that. And save my NIO!

Hello Everybody,

Does anybody know how long it takes FT to transfer the (settled) cash in a GIA to an FT ISA?

Thank you

Honestly it might be quicker doing it yourself. Maybe wait until this current topup issue is resolved.


Lol, you’re better off withdrawing and then depositing in the ISA yourself.

Not sure what the support team is upto but they still haven’t replied to my request, submitted about a month ago where I asked for them to transfer cash from GIA to ISA. So, I decided to take things into my hands and do it myself.

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Thank you for your responses.

You’re both probably right, I was just optimistically hoping I could minimize the time period to buy back.

I still hope I get a response from the FT team as I’m sure other newbs would like to know.

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