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This company focuses on investing in loans to lower middle market businesses. It’s one part of the Gladstone Companies‚Äö√Ñ√¥ family of investment funds, which currently manages $3 billion of assets.

WTF just happened???

Price fluctuated from 8 to 200 to 0.80 cents in the space of minutes… news/insight/thoughts?

Checking this out now @Sentinelgre, it’s something affecting a few stocks now.

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This may not necessarily be your end … Gladstone seems to be reporting fluctuating returns like this on other open source data services tol

Thanks for looking into this

Yes, it’s part of a wider issue affecting our pricing.

Working on it, apologies for the inconvenience!

Thinking about putting a chunk of my savings into this for the ~6% dividends which are paid monthly. Does anyone else have companies they recommend for this?

Gladstone look like they are a reliable payer and the share price is stable. That is what I am looking for, not too interested in share price growth. I am interested in putting a list together of companies that pay regular dividends >4% and the share price is relatively stable (treating the stock like a savings account where dividends mimic interest).


This would be a great thread.

I have a little Gladstone but only after @Big-g highlighted it the other day.


I am the exact same, after reflecting on @Big-g comment, I decided to go for $GLAD rather than the FT plus interest.

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I love this stock and it is my go to place for all dividends payments as it can be fractional so clears up any change I gain. Super reliable and 6.95% compounding is great as a base to my portfolio.

So any other similar companies I would happily add to my list to spread risk etc. :+1:


@Big-g and @NeilB

I invested £600 into $GLAD yesterday. The 15% US Tax on dividends makes me cry a little.

Here are some UK stocks I have identified but need to research more. My initial screening was that they must pay high dividends and have no ongoing charges. Just thought I’d let you know:

£JUP - Jupiter - 6.59% dividend yield - 0.5% stamp duty.
£ABDN - Abrdn - 6.03% dividend yield - 0.5% stamp duty.
£ASH - Ashmore Group - 5.67% dividend yield - 0.5% stamp duty.
£INVP - Investec - 4.43% - 0.5% stamp duty.
£EMG - Man Group - 3.8% - no stamp duty.
£N91 - Ninety One - 5.28% - 0.5% stamp duty.
£POLR - Polar Capital - 6.28% - no stamp duty.

Only problem is no fractional shares. But these could also be used for compounding and a base to your portfolio.


I have these ones but will have a gander at the others :+1: My main reason for the GLAD is that it is the highest % and after the 15% of the dividend it is still pretty much up with the best but also it is very stable and monthly which others don’t tend to be. Also, it was a good example for the off setting of the monthly charges on FT.


Happy Gladstone Capital day @Big-g - £3.16 for me :smiley:


I got mine too. I think of it as my @Big-g dividend. It pays for my SIPP which is nice.


Gladstone have confirmed a small increase (.025c) to $0.0675. Looks like it’s first steps towards building back to the $0.07 they paid prior to COVID.


Quick question on how dividends are calculated.

Are they done on a rolling average value of shares/number of shares over the dividend period?


Are they calculated on the value of shares/number of shares on a specific date during the dividend period?

Apologies if this is has been asked elsewhere.

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This is one for @NeilB to answer or explain :rofl::rofl::+1:t2:

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There is an ex-dividend every month so providing you hold it the day before you’ll get it.


Thanks for that :+1:

Is the calculation done on the specific value ex-dividend-1? Or the average value over the period?

I’m assuming it’s on the day but would like to be certain.

It’s your holding on the ex-div day -1