Megathread - 🔥 Dividend Fest 🔥

So I have found the phrase dividend Fest.

I need to make it a trademark lol.

Anywho why not have a thread to celebrate dividends, i mean lots of dividends, let it rain dividends. :money_with_wings:

On a more serios note I find my big Dividend Fest months are March, June, September and December.


These are the end of financial quarters and typically companies choose them for the full year & half year results.


Love gaining a dividend, another aspect of the excitement of investing for me. I do like the term ‘Dividend Fest’ too :+1:t2:


It doesn’t fit with the quartet nature of Dividend Fest but if you’re looking for a monthly ‘high’ I’d take a look at this monthly payer.

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My intended nature of the word Dividend Fest is any time someone gets a lot of dividends in a given period.

That means someone else could have a Dividend Fest at another time. February for example. The meaning is intended to be flexible :slightly_smiling_face:


September is usually my best month, March April and May are pretty good. On the other hand I think November is the worst for me. I get something every month but November it’s hardly anything


Mrs Sunak got a cheeky little dividend Rishi Sunak's wife 'gets £12million in two dividend payments from Russia-linked IT firm' | Daily Mail Online

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The dividends were paid last year in May and October, before this war/sanctions started
It’s an Indian company, so not under any jurisdiction in the West
The Indian government have very much sat on the fence in the current situation as Russia is its main arms supplier

Daily Mail making an issue out of nothing


Have had bp last Friday and getting diversified Monday tritax big box and imperial Friday. there may be another too.

I am also a big fan of dividends, my top 5 payers, in no particular order are:

  • JLEN Environmental Assets Group
  • Lumen Technologies Inc
  • Bayer AG
  • VICI Properties Inc
  • Altri SGPS
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Now here is a thread I can get on board with. My own ‘dividend fest’ will be a £50 month for now :smiley:


Really like your graphs, especially the dividend yearly comparison one. Very motivating for a newbie investor like myself whose dividends were around 50p in February, will probably be about £2 in March but will go up to around £20 in April and possibly £40 in May - start with tiny amounts but big increases month on month and year on year.


Precisely, it’s objective data that can be used as a motivator / reassurance things are moving in the correct direction :slight_smile:

My first month was something like £0.14 - so keep it up and soon you will be getting £20-40 every month. From there the only way is up :smiley:


I have my dividend fest (a £50 month) thanks to Shell and BHP coming in yesterday :slight_smile:


Do you have a blank Google sheet @MJRInvests looks like it might be something a few members might benefit from.


This is excel @NeilB - I do not have a template but when I get a bit of spare time I’ll put one together and drop it in here :smiley:


Seven lots of dividends for me tomorrow - enough to cover my monthly grocery shopping! Although with the cost of living rising, it might not be enough this time next year so here’s to adding more to my portfolio!


You could also buy stocks that will ride inflation and potentially even benefit from it? Unilever etc

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Extract from my calculated Dividends per month and number of dividends received per month. Really feels like starting to gain traction with the compounding. The low monthly cost and zero dealing fees really help (compared with holdings elsewhere). Every month now feels like a Dividend Fest but May is my BIGGIE.

£168.82 £141.50 £180.32 £123.81 £778.77 £151.55 £264.92 £224.31 £314.93 £140.08 £195.89 £251.43
January February March April May June July August September October November December
17 17 15 14 33 15 24 18 22 18 24 22

What types of companies are you investing in out of curiosity?