Globalstar Inc - GSAT

This American tech company provides satellite communication products to businesses and consumers.

HOw come this isn’t on the app any longer? A response can wait though :wink:

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i was checking earlier and its not on the app anymore?
What would happen to user’s shares if they had shares.

I guess it’s just closed to new purchases for some reason? Ill try and have more 9f a read online and see if I can find some reason.

Anyone know why this stock is off of free trade?

Know you are working hard but to add to your list

Alpine 4 Technologies is an OTC Markets listing. Hopefully these will come to :freetrade: in the future, but they currently do not offer this market. For that reason, I’ve edited the title.

If you want to “officially” (the :freetrade: team’s preferred method) request Alpine 4 Technologies anyway right now, I’d use the form that’s linked to in the pinned thread.

Thank you, I looked it up after posting and was about to change myself after reading others. Thank you though!

Looking good if the rumours are correct

I’m not a techie at all but reading this…… “A person” provided some inside info…. and then “ an Apple rep declined to comment” ….I’m not investing more than I can afford to lose lol

Apple Plans to Add Satellite Features to iPhones for Emergencies

As always do your own DD and make your own decisions.

Downward spiral for GSAT looking at this…

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