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Highwire Networks (new name after merger)
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Company recently merged with Highwire that are highly profitable and this is hidden gem that is going to take off! There are reddit posts about it also if you research. The sector is a ++ and ever growing and have lots of news including $2m + contracts being won. Please add :slight_smile:

About - High Wire Networks

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Hi @tgfan welcome to the community :ocean:

I don’t know if this will be added for a couple of reasons.

  • The US partner have only just started to support the OTCMKTS exchange in the past weeks and we’re awaiting the first batch of stock. All of these are much much bigger companies like Nestle & LVMH.

  • 15m market cap would be a big concern around liquidity. :freetrade: will not execute a transaction that is a long way from the displayed price in the app. When you have low volume / low cap stock you find orders not executing regularly I’m afraid.

Never say never and please stick around and have a wander around.