[Request] - Redwire πŸ›° πŸ“‘ (RDW)

Redwire merged off it’s SPAC today and is trending up. Would be great to invest in.

How fast (if at all) do you think the FT team will add that one? Super keen to benefit from it trending after merger given the current valuation

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How do I request the above stock gets added?

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Don’t usually share stocktwits posts but something actual DD here Irshad (@Redwire) | Stocktwits, could be a really interesting catalyst.


@FT team, could we please get an update? Is $RDW at all on your radar? Can we expect it in the coming month or do we need to get it elsewhere? Thanks in advance for your help on this.

Can we please get an an update on potential timing @FT, we’re missing out on an amazing space play :-/



Perfect buying opportunity, bump, when are we getting this one on FT please? @sampoullain

It is a VERY bad look to announce an earnings update and then not see it through. I wonder what went wrong and how many all nighters are being pulled to try and tidy it up?

They did well to post a transparent press release about the reasons. They’re a new public company there are bound to accounts niggles. I took the opportunity to double my position so I’m not complaining!

Can we please get an update from the Freetrade team please?? Do you have visibility on when we can buy this stock through the app? Thanks in advance