[Request] Butterfly Network (BFLY)

Butterfly Network is a digital health company whose mission is to democratize healthcare by making medical imaging universally accessible and affordable.

Previously a spac, $BFLY went public on the Feb. 16th.


Voted. Hoping this gets added quickly.

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This is the LGVW I believe.

Yeah - I checked the app for that too earlier but it wasn’t there.

$LGVW merged with Butterfly so it’s now trading under $BFLY and $BFLY WS

Haven’t found anywhere else in the UK that lists it so would be really cool to get it on FT.


Would really like to see $BFLY added soon too!

What happens to the $LGVW shares people bought? Are they converted to $BFLY?

Mine are already converted on an another platform, like for like

Thanks for confirming :+1:
I’m fairly new to SPACs. I got in on Flying Eagle, now $SKLZ and theirs was a 1:1. The $SKLZ shares were put on FT almost immeditaely after merger, so not sure why $BFLY isn’t currently available?

I didn’t want to assume all SPAC’s are 1:1 but just found out the Business Combination Agreement in the 8-K explains all the transaction terms.

Thanks again

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I guess FT only adds tickers if there’s enough of a demand, as and when they become available.

It’s a shame as Butterfly has really good fundamentals unlike a lot of the weed stocks we are rising based on pure speculation and hype.

It’s available