[Request] Beach Body (FRX)

Please add FRX - beach body.

Let’s go! We need Beachbody! :muscle:t2:

And soon! Pleaseeeeee

Any nice Friday update for us on this one @Viktor ? Would love to catch this early!

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We’re already missing out. CNBC just advised it as buy :sob::sob: sigh.


Would love to see the upcoming IPO for Beachbody $BODY made Avaliable on here. A US company that has seen massive increases from the pandemic. Offering at home workout, diet and excersize programmes the company has shot up with profits as gyms were forced to close.

Would also love to see GW Pharmaceuticals $GWPH stock on here as well. Global medicinal cannabinoid manufacturer and The ONLY licensed medicinal cannabinoid manufacturer in the UK. With more doctors beginning to prescribe this stuff now it’s been legal to prescribe for a few year and the benefits it has for cancer patients having witnessed it first hand its a product and company I believe in and I’d love to be able to invest in this stock on this platform.

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It’s just gone public trading after the merger. Now trading as BODY. Can we get this added please Freetrade?

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Too late as usual!! acquisition goes ahead today. Share split!

Not sure how people are saying FT are too late.

I bought the spac on FT last week, and FT altered it to $BODY yesterday.

FT did everything on time as far as I can see


Ah, I can see the problem. For some reason the stock cannot be searched for yet.

However I can assure you it does exist somewhere on FT. :thinking:

Not hating… I couldn’t find it, can only assume it was removed to change from merger company to BODY… Looks like they’ve been well on top of it.

OK I take that back… I still can’t find it, its not showing up on my app?

I sent a message via the app chat, telling them of the glitch only to be told the stock isn’t available on Freetrade, even though I’m invested in it through Freetrade.

Normally I’m a big backer of FT, but this is worrying that they don’t know what stocks they have.
@Freetrade_Team @Viktor

Update. They now know it exists and should be searchable now.
Job done.:grin:

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