Beachbody and GW Pharma - multiple stock request

Would love to see the upcoming IPO for Beachbody $BODY made Avaliable on here. A US company that has seen massive increases from the pandemic. Offering at home workout, diet and excersize programmes the company has shot up with profits as gyms were forced to close.

Would also love to see GW Pharmaceuticals $GWPH stock on here as well. Global medicinal cannabinoid manufacturer and The ONLY licensed medicinal cannabinoid manufacturer in the UK. With more doctors beginning to prescribe this stuff now it’s been legal to prescribe for a few year and the benefits it has for cancer patients having witnessed it first hand its a product and company I believe in and I’d love to be able to invest in this stock on this platform.

Welcome to the forum.

Though it’s sadly not made clear before you post, each stock request post needs to be limited to one ETF or stock. This is because the voting system helps Freetrade staff decide which stocks are most wanted by users. Having more than one instrument in a given post bypasses the voting system.

As per the article, Forest Road Acquisition Corp (FRX) is a big part of the merger and it has already been requested. I suggest you vote for that one now, as it does exist. If it’s added before the merger happens, owners of that stock should get the new one.

I’m not sure what’s going on with GW Pharma. It’s been requested in the past and that request was converted to a stock discussion. This happens only once a stock has been added. you’ll see a stock discussion thread about it if you search the forum. It might be worth messaging support to see what’s going on.

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